6 Seriously Dangerous Plants for Dogs & Cats


1. Sago Palmsago palm

Sago Palms are incredibly toxic plants that are fatal to dogs and cats in 50-75% of ingestion cases. Help us spread spread awareness about this dangerous houseplant.




Oleander is a dangerous plant for dogs and cats. It affects the heart and can cause anything from drooling, nausea, and vomiting – even death in some cases.




This is an evergreen bush that is poisonous to cats and dogs, causing issues with heart rate, blood pressure, and seizures. It can be fatal as well.





Another dangerous plant for pets, Milkweed is similar to Oleander in that it negatively affects the heart. There is an antidote available for use in life-threatening cases.



castor bean5.Castor Bean

Castor Bean, like Sago Palm, is one of the most severely toxic plants for dogs & cats. Even a small amount of the plant can be fatal if ingested. It's best to keep these plants entirely out of reach of your pets.




6. Kalanchoe

Like Castor Bean & Sago Palm, Kalanchoe affects cats' and dogs' hearts when ingested and can cause moderate to severe toxicity.

For a longer list of poisonous plants, visit bit.ly/poisonpetplants. See the full Sago Palm infographic below:

Sago Palm pet info infographic


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