15 glamping must-haves to curate the perfect wilderness experience

Camp in style and celebrate National Camping Month

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Six glamping must haves according to Wondercide

The season for embracing the great outdoors is here! June is National Camping Month and we’re excited to spend as much time as we can in nature. We believe that a day spent outdoors is a day truly well spent. And what better way to fully embrace the wilderness than by pitching a tent and living amidst the trees and the birds?

Camping is perfect for getting your nature fix while leaving your regular life behind and seeing different parts of the country. However, camping doesn't mean you have to forgo your way of living. There are steps you can take to camp in style, and we can help you do that! In honor of Wondercide celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, we’ve put together a list of 15 must-have items to ensure that you have the most lavish camping experience possible.

1. Bell Yurt Tent

Two Golden Retreiver dogs sit by a bell tenet with their two humans outside

This extravagant, uniquely-structured tent will leave even the squirrels feeling jealous of you. Its modernized shape and quirky design will allow you to feel right at home as you fill it with your own decor and wilderness memories.

2. CampStove Complete Cook Kit

BioLite CampStove Complete Cook kit

This portable kitchen will allow you to whip up any meal you’re nature-loving heart desires from grilling vegetables to boiling pasta. It’s easy to use and comes equipped with a Portable Grill, KettlePot, and CoffeePress. This is the perfect item to ensure that you don’t miss out on any five-star meals while you’re away in the woods.

3. Dog Evacuation Go Pack

Mobile Dog Gear Go-Pack Dog Evacuation Kit

For those exploring nature with their furry companion, this nifty pack comes complete with everything you and your pup will need to have the best trip possible. You’ll be strapped with a couple different lined carriers for dog food, collapsible silicone bowls for meal time, an emergency blanket, an adult raincoat, a tie-out cable, an ID tag, a reflective dog collar, waste bag rolls, and many handy compartments to keep leashes, supplies, and a water bottle holder in the bottom of the pack.

4. Treeline bean toss

LL Bean Treeline Bean Toss

Between hikes and naps by the lake, you’ll want to bring along a game to enjoy with the family. This tree-themed bean bag toss game will keep everyone occupied for hours. It’s simple and doesn’t require much setting up or cleaning.

5. Wondercide Insect repellent

A woman in a red hammock holding Wondercide cedarwood Insect Repellent

The downside to spending time in nature and in the woods is that not all wildlife is pleasant to hang out with. Bugs can be a discouraging factor when deciding whether or not to embrace camping. But fret no more! With Wondercide’s Insect Repellent, you can help evade unwanted mosquitoes and ticks and enjoy your adventure to the fullest. The sprays are safe for the whole family and come in four popular scents: cedarwood, peppermint, lemongrass, and rosemary. If you're taking your furry friend along, you'll want to have this flea and tick spray on hand to keep fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes away from your dog or cat. Wondercide’s products are cruelty free and lab proven to work.

6. Inflatable kayak

LL Bean Manatee Inflatable kayak package

Experiencing the outdoors means adventuring through all different terrains, including water. It’s not always easy to carry around kayaks and keep them strapped to your car roof. Skip that tedious step and bring an inflatable kayak to whip out on a nearby lake or river and enjoy a soothing ride downstream.

7. Tiny Survival Guide Book

Tiny Survival Guide via Amazon

You can never be too prepared for an adventure. Nature isn’t always predictable and we want to know what’s in store for us. This easily-carryable survival guidebook shares the ins and outs of nature troubles and talks you through common camping mistakes and mishaps.

8. S’mores kit

Williams Sonoma smores kit

No camping trip is complete without the powerful serenity of roasting s’mores with your family and friends by the campfire. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to roast that perfect camping sweet treat. No need to worry about not curating the perfect natural flame; this handy mechanism will take care of it for you. And you’ll want to indulge in some delicious vegan marshmallows to complete this irresistible summer dessert.

9. Helio LX Pressure Shower

Helio low pressure portable shower

While it’s fun to live like an animal in the woods and forget your everyday responsibilities, even animals bathe. This mobile shower will help keep you refreshed on the go. Just fill it up and let it soak in the sun to get warm.

10. Portable hammock

A man smiling as he sits in a Yellow Leaf portable hammock next to a woman with long blonde hair leaning on a cooler

For relaxation emergencies, you can carry this hammock around to set up whenever you feel the urge to lounge. There aren’t always comfortable spots to sit on in the wilderness, so you have to bring the comfort with you.

11. Bose bluetooth speaker

Green Bose SoundLInk Flex portable bluetooth speaker

Everyone enjoys a great nature playlist. Share your music with nature itself with a crisp, high-quality speaker. Blast your favorite tunes while bird watching or listen to a calming acoustic guitar while lounging by the fire.

12. Solar-powered lantern flashlight

A man holding a Hokolite solar camping lantern flashlight

Built to light up a whole tent, this powerful flashlight will allow you to take your late-night bathroom walks away from your campsite and scout out any lost items you may need to search for in the dark. Stay up late in your tent and tell ghost stories without feeling the full terror of darkness. Light up your trip with this solar-powered flashlight.

13. Women's Salomon Outpulse hiking shoes

LL Bean Womens Salomon Outpulse GORE-TEX hiking boots in gray and teal

Everyone needs a good pair of boots to explore the wilderness in. These shoes will carry you through mud and rocks, water and dirt, all the way through your camping excursion. Explore every inch of your campsite without worrying about ruining your sneakers or getting your feet wet with these waterproof kicks.

14. Digital camera binoculars

Sharper Image digital camera binoculars

Submerging yourself in wildlife doesn’t have to mean getting up close and personal. Bird watch from a distance with these high-end binoculars equipped with a camera to capture your findings. Why go camping without the ability to capture all of the new outdoor memories you’ll be making

15. Blick French Easel

Blick French Easel by Julian

For those interested in capturing nature the old-fashioned way, this portable easel will allow you to paint or draw from wherever you set up camp. Take in the nature sites and put them back down on paper to keep as a memory from your outdoor adventure.

Create the perfect glamping adventure with these fun, practical, and luxurious must-haves. We hope you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in all things nature this season and take in all that our beautiful planet has to offer. Don’t let the idea of sleeping in the wilderness scare you when you can take the comfort and glamor of everyday life with you!