Bye, Bye Buzzers & Bites from Mosquitoes

Prevent these itchy, annoying bites with a counterattack!

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Every summer it’s a literal smackdown. These buzzing bugs will settle for nothing less than blood! Mosquitoes, that is. They can be one of the biggest irritants, ruining a walk, vacation, playdate or sporting event and driving people indoors, irritated that they can’t be outside without getting bit.

Mosquitoes attack where and when you least expect it. And scientists discover additional species in the US all the time. Recently, Floridians spotted a new invasive mosquito that has migrated from South and Central America into Florida raising new concerns.

“Mosquitoes seem to find us with ease, making us all feel vulnerable,” says Stephanie Boone, founder of Wondercide, “That’s why Wondercide offers lab-proven, plant-powered solutions that knock out and repel these bad bugs but keep pets and family safe when used as directed. We give families a way to defend themselves and shield those they love.”

Prevention is critical because mosquitoes produce hundreds of eggs in just one week so it doesn’t take long for a small mosquito problem to become an infestation. A female mosquito lays 100 eggs (or more!) after mating just one time. And she can lay more eggs every few days, so she’ll produce several hundreds of eggs before she dies. These eggs hatch and the new mosquitoes continue the lifecycle mating, producing and then dying. So the bug population can quickly get out of control.

Fortunately, Wondercide has some tips to counterattack these annoying pests.

  1. Eliminate standing water

    Mosquitoes might seem like vampires, but they love water. If there is standing water in the yard, get rid of it. Check gutters, buckets, and anything else that can hold water. Refresh water in birdbaths, pet bowls, and kiddie/puppy pools regularly, at least every few days.

    A yellow bird with brown wings stands at the edge of a birdbath

    Refresh standing water regularly to reduce breeding opportunities for mosquitoes.

  2. A little manicure does a lot of good

    A well-manicured lawn can help prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Rake up leaves, aerate your lawn, keep grass cut, and bushes/trees manicured. If you have piles of decaying twigs or other organic material laying around, get rid them.

    A golden doodle dog runs through the grass next to a woman holding Wondercide yard spray

    Pets and family love the yard. So the bugs. Keeping the yard manicured will cut down on mosquitoes and other insects.

  3. Natural beauty that works double-time

    Some plants are not only beautiful, they can repel mosquitoes too!. Plant these varieties for plenty of blooms to brighten your day and keep mosquitoes at bay: American beautyberry, bee balm, basil, catmint, marigolds, rosemary and sage. If you have pets, check that whatever you plant is safe for them.

    Yellow and orange marigold flowers growing in a garden

    Marigolds brighten your garden and help repel mosquitoes too.

  4. Bring in some natural allies

    Attract natural mosquito predators like dragonflies. Dragonflies are like the superheroes of the mosquito world: think of them as "mosquito hawks" for their ability to chomp down thousands of mosquitoes in their lifetime. Plants that attract dragonflies include black-eyed Susan, meadow sage, and yarrow. Another idea: Install a bat house at the back of your yard, and you’ll have readily-available, resident mosquito hunters.

    A wooden bat feeder with a black bat ardornment hangs on a tree trunk

    Bats are natural predators to mosquitoes. They also play a major role in pollinating plants and spreading seeds. Nature’s helpers!

  5. Blow them away

    Install fans around patio and porch areas because mosquitoes hate the motion of air. Keep the air moving while you’re outside in the yard or on the patio and mosquitoes are less likely to find their targets: you.

  6. Double down with a mosquito survival kit!

    Even with all these ways of getting rid of mosquitoes, mosquitoes can still be a nuisance. That’s why Wondercide offers a plant-powered double blow to them. First, spray the yard, patio, and garden with Outdoor Pest Control. The residue won’t harm pollinators like bees or butterflies and there’s Spray & Play™ convenience with no dry time is needed before kids and pets play.

    When you’re ready to enjoy the great outdoors, use Insect Repellent on the whole family to repel mosquitoes (and ticks!). For dogs and cats, reach for Wondercide’s Flea & Tick Pets + Home. It kills and repels mosquitoes too. Both come in four fresh scents powered by natural essential oils: Cedarwood, Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Rosemary. You’ll love the scent. The mosquitoes won’t.

Wondercide yard spray and insect repellent sprays placed on a wood railing outdoors

Wondercide Complete Control Mosquito Kit with natural essential oils.

Wondercide is mom-founded and mom-approved so you can feel good using it around your loved ones. The talk on the street: rave reviews. Check them out here.

Go forth and conquer those buzzing, biting mosquitoes with confidence. Protecting your pack will let you truly enjoy all those bonding moments outside together.

Wondercide infographic showing mosquito issue in the United States