The greatest gift guide for outdoor lovers

Treasures for trailblazers and gardening enthusiasts

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Gift guide for outdoor lovers sampling of gifts

We all have that one athletic friend who keeps pressuring us to get up at 4 a.m. and go for a breezy three-hour hike up a mountain every other weekend, and we just can’t keep up. There may be an easy fix to show that friend you appreciate their enthusiasm, but might not be joining them every time: gift giving. Show your outdoorsy friends and family members some love this holiday season with creative items they might not think to buy for themselves. We’ve compiled a gift guide that's sure to inspire ideas for gifts that will satisfy the nature lovers in your life!

1. GoPro Camera

Hero8 Waterproof GoPro Camera bundle from Amazon with colorful lanyardFor the friends who love to document their nature adventures. This Hero8 bundle from GoPro includes a waterproof camera, batter, lanyard, and more.

2. Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle on AmazonTo end the frustration of having to lug around an empty water bottle on the way back from a long hike.

3. Trail Mix

Power Up Protein Pack Trail Mix bagGive a basket of trail mixes, like this vegan, gluten free protein pack. It’s a necessity for those who like to snack and hike.

4. Waterproof Picnic Blankets

Colorful waterproof picnic baskets from EtsyEnjoying the great outdoors doesn’t always have to mean breaking a sweat. We’re big fans of an outdoor picnic, and these soft, waterproof picnic blankets make a great gift. 

5. Hands-Free Dog Leash

Rainbow colors handsfree dog leash from EtsyDog walking has never been so easy – or stylish! For a friend with a dog and a hankering for colorful hiking gear, this is the perfect gift.

6. Nature's Wick Weathered Woods Scented Candle

Gray candle in glass jar natures wick weathered wood candle on AmazonThere’s nothing more soothing for a nature lover than the fresh smell of trees and open air, even when they can’t get outdoors. Bring the scent of the outdoors in, with this woodsy-scented candle that features a natural wood wick. The candle is among the cleanest we could find.

7. Waterproof Hiking Jacket

Gray waterproof hiking jacket from AmazonSupply someone with this comfortable waterproof hiking jacket so they can enjoy the outdoors come rain or shine.

8. Fleece Beanie

Black fleece beanie hat from the Museum of Modern Art storeA chic gift for someone who loves to explore the outdoors in the colder weather.

9. Moraine Lake Jigsaw Puzzle

Moraine Lake jigsaw puzzle from AmazonFor a quiet night in, this gorgeous landscape puzzle will keep your outdoorsy friends busy.

10. Gardener’s Harvest Basket

Gardener's Harvest Basket from EtsyWe love that gardeners can hose off their harvest in this wire mesh basket, and it can even be personalized.

11. Fleece Neck Warmer

Black fleece neck warmer from Amazonhe love of the outdoors doesn’t have to stop when the temps take a nosedive. This fleece neck warmer will do the job of helping stay warm.

12. Touchscreen Winter Gloves

Black touchscreen winter gloves from AmazonThe perfect gloves for a cold weather hiker who loves to stop and snap that instagram photo. No longer will they need to remove their gloves and expose their hands to the chilling, winter air just to take that picture.

13. Headlamp

Two waterproof rechargeable headlamps from AmazonA must-have for those planning to explore the outdoors without limits – through the evening or early morning hours. This waterproof, 2-pack bundle is also rechargeable. Illuminate your path!

14. Peppermint Sling Bag Bundle

Black sling bag with Wondercide logo and two small spray bottles of Insect Repellent and Flea & Tick sprayIt’s a bug’s world, and we’re all just living in it. Save a loved one from those pesky little critters with this handy pack of Wondercide products. Equipped with peppermint Insect Repellent to spray on people, a peppermint Flea & Tick spray for pets, and a convenient pouch to carry it all in, this bundle is a necessity for those who love to venture into the wilderness.

15. Sasquatch Field Guide

Sasquatch field guide from REIFor your friends who still believe (and have a sense of humor), let them explore the great unknown with this handy guide book.

16. Quality Hand Pruner

Hand pruner with silver blades and red handles from AmazonEvery garden enthusiast deserves a great pair of pruners, and these work beautifully, whether right handed or left handed.

17. Winter traction with Crampons

Crampons that provide winter traction on ice and snow from AmazonThese cleat attachments allow winter hikers to walk in the ice and snow with solid traction, whether scaling a mountain or simply walking the dog.

18. Bombas Hiking Socks

Three pair of clorful Bombas womens hiking socksThe “worth-it” socks – Bombas are quality socks with sweat-wicking action for any adventure.

19. Explorer Compass

Explorer compass in white from LL BeanA classic gift for the outdoorsy so that your friend or family member doesn’t get lost!

20. National Park Pass

U.S. National Park Pass from LL BeanThis pass will grant access to any national or federal parks that are managed by the six federal agencies. The pass will not cover any camping fees or other services, but will allow access into the main park. There’s so much to explore!

21. Funny Plant Markers

Funny sayings plant markers from EtsyInfuse humor into your favorite gardener’s day with these fun plant markers.

We hope this gift guide has inspired you with ideas to surprise the nature-loving people in your life, as well as spur you to get back out there and explore the outdoors. These gifts are sure to brighten your outdoorsy friend’s day and keep them entertained the next time they try to drag you out of bed before the sun's up. Impress all your friends and family with your amazing gift giving skills!