A rescue kitten plays cupid

A love story made possible by one lucky kitten.

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A rescue kitten plays cupid
This narrative is part of the Wondercide March series called The Lucky Ones, stories of rescued animals. But we've discovered that it's us, the humans, who are the lucky ones, indeed.

Carrie went to the animal shelter hoping to find a companion to make her nights a little less lonely now that she was living alone for the first time ever. It was a kill shelter that would euthanize pets if space wasn’t available. She found a beautiful little kitten that seemed like the right fit, so she brought her home and named her Bella.

A new acquaintance

One night soon after, Carrie accompanied her brother to an art gallery and studio that was hosting an opening with a curated show around the theme of light. The gallery owner’s name was Chris and as soon as Chris saw Carrie coming up the stairs, he was smitten. Carried first had to make sure Chris was good with cats and she found out he loved them, so she agreed to a date.

He’s a cat guy

Chris was excited to learn about Carrie’s new kitten. He had grown up with cats in his home and loved them. He was able to offer her some pointers for how to acclimate Bella to her new environment and make her feel safe. Carrie was happy to have a new friend who knew how to take care of cats. She had never had a cat before, and while the basics seemed pretty straight-forward, she wondered if she was feeding her the right food and doing all the right things.

Bella kitten

Flea treatment

A few dates later, Chris asked Carrie how Bella was doing. Carrie confessed that she felt terrible for poor Bella who had become infested with fleas! She had given her a bath, but it didn’t seem to take care of the problem. Chris offered to help her give Bella a more intensive treatment, and Carrie gladly took him up on his offer. 

They went to the pet store and bought flea combs and bath products. Since Wondercide hadn’t been developed yet, they had to resort to the conventional products available at pet supply stores. Regardless, helping Bella was a bonding experience. Carrie says that it was Chris’s compassionate nature that he showed toward Bella that created the first spark of that deeper attraction she would grow to feel for him.

The start of a new family

Neither Chris nor Carrie knew that this was the beginning of their great love story. They started as friends brought together by taking care of this sweet little kitten that Carrie rescued from the shelter. But the three of them formed a little family, and eventually Chris and Carrie would get married and go on to have human children to raise alongside Bella. 

Chris and Carrie now live in Texas with Bella and their children. They recently celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary, and Bella had her 15th birthday. It’s safe to say that Bella wasn’t the only lucky one who found the family she needed when Carrie rescued her from that shelter.

The lucky ones Bella the cat


Bella's Pet Peeves

Favorite place to sleep?
On your head. Of course.

Looses patience when...
You take too long to give her some food

Favorite Wondercide product?
Cedarwood Flea & Tick spray

Favorite OTHER pet?
Her sister Mindy🌈

Favorite toy?
This little sock that you put catnip in. Bella carries it around and meows. The sock is her kitten.

Favorite petting spot?
Top of her head – touch her belly and you are asking for it!