Contribute to a better world on Random Acts of Kindness Day

A small gesture of care can make a big difference

2 minute read

An older woman is given a small boquet of pink flowers

Calling all good samaritans – mark your calendars for February 17 to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day. While we believe love and kindness should be spread year-round, February is specifically designed to call attention to the nurturing aspects of human nature. This special day of selfless acts encourages others to spread love, which causes a ripple effect of compassion, whether the deed is small or more profound.

In honor of Wondercide’s 15th year in business in 2024, we’re sharing 15 ways that our pack has been extending random acts of kindness. We hope this list inspires you to spread care and kindness to those around you too!

  1. Write someone a handwritten letter instead of a text
  2. Offer to help with someone else’s chores or responsibilities
  3. Pay for the person behind you in line
  4. Let someone merge while you’re in traffic
  5. Write positive reviews for a good small businesses
  6. Leave quarters at the laundromat or vending machine.
  7. Donate clothes or items to a local charity
  8. Offer to pet sit or babysit
  9. Cook for someone so they don’t have to
  10. Volunteer your time and service
  11. Give a stranger a compliment
  12. Adopt an elderly or sick pet
  13. Buy a loved one a gift just because
  14. Sign up to be an organ donor
  15. Tip generously to someone who deserves it
This enlightening day is intended to reveal the loving tendencies of human beings and to remind us that our families, friends, and communities are all connected through compassion. Join us in witnessing the power that simple acts of kindness hold. From the smallest kind gestures to the most significant expressions of empathy, someone’s day could be made with just a few moments of your time. Embrace the challenge of making kindness a daily practice and see all the goodness that starts to happen. Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day.