Summer mornings in the Texas hill country

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Summer mornings in the Texas hill country

Summer mornings in the Texas hill country are beautiful – the warm hues of the sunlight rising slowly, the sounds beginning to stir, the breeze brushing by with a gentleness as if it knows easing into the day is best.

The kids start romping and exploring early. I love watching their independence, how Finley always keeps a watchful eye on her brother Paxton, and how Paxton always runs toward adventure. Time has a way of slipping by and I’m holding on to each moment with a tight grip, not giving it permission to move on too quickly.

It all seems surreal to me – to have these beautiful littles in my life and to be blessed with this wonderful piece of land that gives us the room to play, and think, and dream. I’m grateful to disconnect from work a little and recharge. 

Our new partner, Nikki Reed (yes, that Nikki Reed from the Twilight series, the singer, the animal-rights activist, the environmentalist, the long-time Wondercide customer, the wonder woman in all ways) reminded me of the importance of looking up from the laptop and Zoom calls once in a while to prioritize connection with the ones we love. It’s a beautiful post and I wanted to share it with you, my Pack:


My peace is here with my kids in a quaint part of Texas with rolling hills, a winding river, and a gentle Longhorn named Brunus who is now part of our family. Being able to nourish, love, and protect him is a privilege.

My peace is here with my kids


We’re spending our days walking barefoot, getting dirty, laughing, talking, and learning – about the land around us, the animals who live here, and what life is like at a slower, more connected rhythm in nature. 

Finley and Paxton

Stephanie and Brunus

Our pup Roe also made a fast friendship with Brunus. Daily visits to check in and share news are now a thing for them.

Roe and Brunus

We’re moving more and hitting the trails. Of course we chose the difficult path! I’ve done that more often than not in my life and career. It’s led to so much growth, opportunity, and satisfaction.

On the trail

Life is good again once you’ve refreshed in cooling water and you’re back to visiting sweet Brunus. We can’t even imagine our lives without him anymore and it’s only been a few weeks since we became a family.


And when the day’s adventures have been conquered, a blissful nap out in nature couldn’t be more perfect. The warm hues of the sunlight are setting slowly, the sounds beginning to calm down, the breeze easing up as if it knows the calmness of the night is what we need.

A blissful nap

I’m reinvigorated out here with my family and I find myself grateful for the teachings Nikki shares about how to be present with the highest love for your Pack, how to honor the planet, and how to care for one another. The world is uncertain lately, but love always leads the way to goodness. We call this Fierce Love® and Nikki is a shining light of this.

As founders of companies whose mission is to do right by families, as loving women who care for the world around them, as pet parents (including, surprisingly, two rescued cows), our lives run in parallel in many ways. I admire Nikki for her sweet, gentle spirit, for the love she gives all living creatures, and for the care she shows this one, wonderful Earth we share.

We’re honored to protect her whole Pack, including her people, her pup Sequoia, her rescue cow Lily, and her magnificent land. 

Need a daily dose of hope, light, and love? Just check out her Instagram for that.

Nikki Reed Instagram

📷 @nikkireed 

Oh right! The title: Until the cows come home. Of course two cows did come home: Brunus is now with us and Lilly with Nikki. I was also thinking about how so many of us work and work and work – until the cows come home (a really, really long time). If that’s you, and if you haven’t had a real break lately, remember Nikki’s words. Prioritize your peace. 

Take time to renew, refresh, and explore. If you can do it out in nature, all the better. Take a deep breath in and out. When you look up from your work, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful moments waiting for you!

Beautiful moments