15 reasons why adopting a cat will change your life

Experience a new kind of love this National Adopt a Cat Month

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A man holds a black and white cat while both smile

We’ve been celebrating cats our whole lives and don’t even realize it! From the whimsical adventures of the 'Cat in the Hat' to the acclaimed Andrew Lloyd Webber musical dedicated to our whiskered companions- we’ve had cats on the brain since childhood. These stealthy, mysterious felines have pawed their way into our movies, books, homes, and of course, our hearts. Cats move to the beat of their own drum as much as they entertain us with their shelf-jumping and pole-scratching antics. And even though they may be reluctant to admit it sometimes, cats do love their humans as much as we love them.

June is National Adopt a Cat Month, which means the cat celebration continues. Here at Wondercide, we value our feline friends and understand just how important they are in keeping a happy, love-filled home. Despite their often misunderstood reputation as hyper-independent animals, cats have a knack for surprising us. For non-cat owners, welcoming a kitten into your home can bring an unexpected dose of excitement and charm you never knew was missing.

So what makes a cat such a popular pet? What is the secret to the irresistible urge cats ignite in us to take one home and begin our pet parent journey? Apart from the obvious adorable nature of these furry felines, there are a number of reasons why cats are so universally adored. In the interest of Wondercide celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, we’ve put together a list of 15 reasons why cats are so awesome. Hopefully, this list will inspire you to participate in Adopt a Cat Month and bring home a new furry addition to your family.

1. Their quiet nature.

An innocent meow and a satisfied purr are most of the noises you can expect from your kitty. A friend to your neighbors as well as those who work in a home office, cats are generally quiet animals. These peaceful playmates are perfect for a calm day at home with a lovable companion.

2. Individuality.

Like any living creature, cats have a mind of their own. You’ll have the ability to witness all the quirks and nuances of your specific kitty as you watch them grow. Studies have found that cats have five distinct personality traits.

There’s a “human cat”, which has a people-loving personality. Human cats are often eager to share a home and their space with a human.

The “hunter cat” is more feral and often exerts traditional hunting characteristics.

The “cat’s cat” has a hankering for other cats. You’ll often find this cat rubbing noses or playing with their cat siblings or friends.

The “cantankerous cat” is less likely to enjoy being held or manhandled. These cats like their space and normally take more time to warm up to people.

And lastly, the “inquisitive cat” will spend most of its time sniffing and investigating the unknown. This cat likes to sneak into every unfamiliar space- a box, a bag, or a corner to explore.

3. Playful playmates.

As sophisticated as they may seem, cats have a pretty prominent fun side to them. Between rolling around a balled-up wad of yarn and jumping around trying to catch a toy on a string, these furry creatures are bundles of fun.

Research has shown that cat playing is often indicative of hunting. The way that your cat will go after its toy is often how a cat in the wild may try and trap its prey. Cats are capable of playing fetch and other games with their humans. Sometimes, how cats play differs between males and females. Male cats often wrestle in more aggressive ways and females will resort to chasing.

4. Strong independence.

Cats are often introverted extroverts. Cats understand the purr-fect balance between showing boundless feline love and taking some space from other living creatures. On busy days, you’ll appreciate your kitty’s reclusive nature, borrowing in hidden nooks and crannies in your home. They also make for polite party guests as your friends and family will never have to worry about their presence overwhelming an event. Cats know when to be the center of attention and when to share the spotlight.

5. Friendly and docile.

It’s a “tail” as old as time. Dogs and cats are destined to be enemies. You’d be surprised to hear that cats tend to keep to themselves around other animals. Unless provoked, your cat will most likely tolerate the presence of other animals, such as dogs, allowing your home zoo to expand.

Multiple studies and surveys have found that dogs and cats can coexist in harmony. Situations vary per animal, but overall, your cat’s antisocial behavior can come in handy when mixed in with other furry creatures.

6. Serotonin boosters.

Having a cat could save your life. Cats have been known to lower blood pressure, ease an anxious mind, and help subside depression. A cute cat companion makes for a great friend to help cure loneliness by providing a healthy presence in the home. The gentle love you’ll receive from an animal could boost your mood and your mental health. Studies have shown that people with cats have lower heart rates, blood pressure, and more positive mental health.

7. Low maintenance.

Cats are the children we don’t have to raise. From cleaning to exercise, these efficient creatures know how to take care of themselves. Cats don’t need to be walked, house-trained, or bathed regularly. A cat can spend the whole day entertaining itself. As long as your furry friend is litterbox trained, you can trust your kitty to spend the day home alone without getting into any trouble.

Another way to make cat care an easy task is to prevent any unwanted pests from borrowing into their fur. With Wondercide’s Flea and Tick sprays, collars, and spot on, you’ll be able to arm your cat from nasty bugs without causing harm to the animal when used as directed. These products are safe for pollinators and provide a pleasant aroma, whether you choose peppermint, cedarwood, lemongrass, or rosemary.

8. Cost-effective.

While rich in spirit and love, cats are actually quite cheap animals. They don’t require an ample amount of toys or entertainment, and they groom themselves. Most of the cost of taking care of these fuzzy creatures goes into vet appointments and food.

9. Small carbon footprint.

Believe it or not, cats are good for the environment! These self-cleaned green machines actually have a smaller carbon footprint than other pets. Cats produce less waste and require less food than other animals, like dogs. An average cat produces about half of the carbon emissions as an average-sized dog.

10. Stealthy and stunt-proof.

Whether you're a human parent or a pet parent, you’re going to worry about the well-being of your loved one. Cats help ease some of that worry with their “9 lives” and ability to land firmly on their feet after a long jump or fall. Cats are quick and resilient, allowing us to kick back and relax without fearing for their safety in the comfort of our home.

11. Tricksters.

Sometimes, your dog may steal the spotlight when it comes to learning fun tricks to show off at the dog park. But did you know your cat is also capable of performing various stunts and tricks? From high-fives to leaping on and off tall objects, you could perform an entire talent show with your kitty. Teaching your cat the art of trickery and talent could be the perfect way to bond with your furry friend on a rainy day.

12. Great travel buddies.

Vacationing with pets can often be a hassle. Even if you decide to leave them at home and hire a sitter, there’s still a lot of arranging and planning that needs to be done. Cat parents have it easy. Most cats are quite complacent when it comes to being carried around in cat carriers in cars, airplanes, trains, and other methods of transportation. Take your kitty to a tropical beach in the Caribbean, or a road trip across the country and bask in how simple it is!

13. Independent navigators.

Cats have an internal compass called a homing instinct which allows them to find their way home when wandering the streets. A lot of times, we’ll see cats strolling around the neighborhood and wonder why no one is out looking for them. Sometimes, cats are able to explore the outdoors and navigate their way back to the house without the help of a human. However, monitoring your cat’s path is important when preventing it from wandering into any busy areas or bustling roads.

14. Longevity.

The tragedy of having pets is that we will often outlive them. Luckily for cat enthusiasts, domestic cats can live up to 20 years. With a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can spend nearly a quarter of a century with your furry friend!

15. Unconditional love.

Love between a human and their pet is a special bond that everyone should get to experience at some point in their lives. Cats get emotionally attached to their owners the same way we get attached to them. In fact, cats often experience attachment anxiety when their human friends leave the house, the same way you see it happen in dogs. You’re not just rescuing a cat, you’re taking home a new best friend.

In the spirit of National Adopt a Cat Month, we hope this list has ignited your desire to welcome home a cat in need. By opening your heart and home to a feline companion, you're not only providing a loving and secure environment for a deserving animal, but you're also embarking on a journey that will enrich both of your lives. The profound bond that you'll create with your furry friend will add warmth to your home in ways you may not have anticipated.

Together, you and your furry friend will ebb and flow through life’s challenges, keeping each other grounded along the way. So, as you consider increasing the number of furry family members this month, know that you're entering an era that promises unconditional love, affection, and an abundance of treasured moments.