7 ways to avoid holiday cat-astrophes

Because holidays should be fun, not stressful

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7 ways to avoid holiday cat-astrophes

Ready or not, the holidays are here! It’s time to make your home holiday-ready for your family and pets. But don’t get caught with any of these holiday catastrophes! We’re here to help you usher in the good times with this top 7 list of things to avoid!

1. Beware of unwanted guests.


Namely: bugs! Pests may gravitate toward our warm, inviting homes, but Wondercide has a plant-powered lineup of bouncers who can help tell them they ain't on the list. Prep now so you can rest easy without ants, roaches, fruit flies, or other things that are sure to bug you. Disclaimer: not to be used for overly-prying relatives. 

2. The coat pile is not a bed.


They’re soft. They’re fluffy. And your cat thinks they make the perfect bed. It’s the coat pile, and it’s also the cat-fur catcher, and even worse, hopefully not the hairball nest. Save yourself the drama, and clear some room in a designated closet, or perhaps find a rack for hangers in the laundry room.

3. Aroma vs. stench.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire can’t compete with the smell of a dirty litter box. Set a timer/reminder on your phone, leave yourself sticky notes, do what you have to do to remind yourself to clean the box before guests arrive. Try to place kittle litter boxes well away from guests so there are no surprises during your gathering. Because, gross.

Another way to keep your home fresh for the holidays: Wondercide's Indoor Pest Control. It comes in four fresh scents including holiday faves: Cedarwood and Peppermint. Use it to freshen the litter anytime and keep bugs away.

4. Light the candles carefully.

Safety first and always – seriously. Keep the area around the candle clear of anything flammable, and extinguish flames when you leave. If you prefer wax warmers, make sure they are turned off and/or unplugged if left unattended. Plus, read those ingredients on candles and where you can, choose options with natural scents from essential oils and botanicals instead of artificial fragrance. You and your guests deserve the best.

5. Cat-proof the tree.

What cat can resist a Christmas tree? Answer: None. When you dangle shiny balls from limbs, cats think they have the ultimate jungle gym. Make sure any breakable ornaments are up high, or consider alternatives if your cat is a climber. And leave the tinsel in the stores, because it is extra enticing to kitties, and it isn't designed to safely pass through a cat's digestive tract.

6. Remember that saying about curiosity and cats?

Part of the fun in the holidays is decorating our homes, and it's pretty common to bring in seasonal plants. Curious cats and dogs have been known to nibble on plants. Mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias can be poisonous to pets. Consider potential pet hazards with holiday plants to keep the whole family safe.

7. Protect the food from Garfield and Odie.

The dog and cat know the rules: they aren't allowed to surf the counters for snacks. But they also know that this is their one shot to get in on the holiday action. Be ready and keep that food covered and out of reach. And check out our handy list of foods that are safer and foods that are not good for pets.


Wishing you and your fur-family all the best for the holidays!