Celebrate National Adopt a Senior Pet Month this November

Show the elderly animals love

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A person with long bonde hair wearing a red shirt hugs a German Shepard as viewed from behind them

Get ready to say “awww” out loud because November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month! So many loving animals go without the homes they deserve in their final years. Help give a pet the love they’ve always wanted this month by adopting a senior dog or cat. It’s very easy to see a puppy and melt at its adorable little paws and squeaky bark. We understand the appeal, but think about its older companion in the shelter next door. Not only would you be offering them a safe and warm place to live, but you could actually be saving their life.

According to the ASPCA, about 920,000 animals are euthanized each year in shelters across the country. Open your heart and open your home to an animal in need this month by giving it the opportunity to find happiness in its final act.

An older german shephard dog who is up for adoption stands in the front yard of a house

Athena is looking for a home! She’s loving, well-behaved, and craving human affection! Contact: trinafriendsk9rescue.org/contact

Throughout the month of November, Wondercide will be sharing senior animals to encourage families to adopt. We’re launching this series with the incredible story of Athena, an elderly dog found on the streets of California. Athena miraculously evaded being put down at a kill shelter after she was saved by Trina & Friends K9 Rescue.

According to the rescue group, Athena is a ray of sunshine, despite having a complicated past, and continues to show her sweet, loving personality each day. “She craves human affection and longs for a forever home where she can receive all the love and pampering she deserves,” Trina & Friends told us. Luckily, a step has been taken to ensure Athena will not end up back on the streets. She’s traveling across the country to Sandy Hook, CT, to stay with a kind foster family who will take care of her until she’s ready to leave with a loving family of her own.

We hope Athena’s story has inspired you. Most senior animals get overlooked in shelters by prospective families, even though they’re just as sweet, loyal, and loving as the puppy or kitten that’ll likely find a home right away. Save an animal’s life and change your own for the better during National Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

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