For the host with the most

The ultimate home entertainer’s gift guide

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Wondercide gift guide for the host with the most

Have you ever wondered how much prep and care it requires to pull off the perfect dinner party? We can answer that for you – a lot. It takes a certain kind of person to perfect the art of hosting and, while you might be comfortable just putting out a bowl of chips for the group and calling it a day, there may be someone in your life who takes hosting a little more seriously.

When it comes to showing up with a gift, make it something special they can use for their next hosting event, whether it be a holiday party or just a casual get-together. If you don’t know where to start, let us offer some inspiration. 

1. Hand-Poured Candles

Everyone loves a fresh-smelling home. Give your host a hand-poured, plant-based candle from L.A.-based Flamingo Estate. Each is made with 100% vegetable wax and a cotton wick. The sage candle can even be customized with your host’s name or a saying of your choice.

Customized sage candle from Flamingo Estate with a label that says Forever Friend

2. Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Truffles big on taste and lower in sugar. These dairy-free chocolates from Vosges Haut-Chocolat are made with ingredients that are naturally sweet and just as delicious as traditional goodies.

A purple box filled with nine vegan chocolate truffles from Vosges Haut-Chocolat

3. Wine Chilling Carafe

When function and beauty combine, it’s the ultimate in good taste! That’s just what this wine chiller does. It holds a full bottle (up to 750 ml) and eliminates the need for an ice bucket. It will look good on the table too.

A glass and steel wine chiller from the Museum of Modern Art

4. Monogram Door Mat

A welcome mat can seem even more special when it’s monogrammed and customized for the home.

Personalized door mat from Amazon with the letter S centered

5. Wood Cake Stand

It’s festive to bring nature into the home for a good holiday party. Help your friends impress their outdoorsy guests with this wood cake stand that works for any dessert or as a centerpiece for other decorations. Memory maker: Guests can even sign the block of wood.

Wood cake stand from Etsy with a white cake on top and two red roses

6. NoMad Cocktail Book

This is both a gift for a loved one and for you. No one wants to attend a dinner party with mediocre cocktails.

The NoMad Cocktail book cover from Amazon in black with gold type

7. Mini Stacking Stoneware Planter

This innovative planter integrates the saucer into the design for seamless style while the neutral color blends with any decor.

White stacking stoneware planter from the Museum of Modern Art

8. Wondercide Holiday Prep Kit

Nobody wants unwanted guests, especially when those unwanted guests are bugs. This kit is filled with Wondercide goodness: the new Flying Insect Trap with zero chemical insecticides, plant-powered, cedarwood Indoor Pest Control spray (kill those pantry moths who also torment sweaters), Geranium shampoo bar for dogs and cats, and Flea & Tick for pets in peppermint (as seen on Shark Tank)! Plus, there’s a free pet-themed tea towel.

Holiday prep kit from Wondercide

9. Cotton Wine Bags

When you’re planning on bringing wine, dress up the presentation with this smart wrap.

Four burlap wine bags from Amazon with the saying A Toast for the Host written on the front10. Plaid Holiday Print Pillow

To make the living room feel warm and festive for the holidays, nothing says “comfort” like inviting pillows. Go for a holiday print like classic plaid and for dog lovers, this bone-shaped pillow will put a smile on their face.

Plaid dog bone shape pillow from The Company Store11. Indoor Plants

Add some greenery to the home with this collection of plants. A portion of the profits supports rescues. If your host has pets, make sure you choose a set that’s pet safe.


12. Dog Ice Cube Trays

Taking “don’t be square” to the next level, these unique ice cube trays are perfect for the dog lover who likes to host.

Dachsund ice trays and ice in a glass from Amazon

13. Unzipped Glass Zipper bag

This whimsical glass bowl turns a temporary item into a reusable work of art for nuts and other treats.

Unzipped glass zipper bag candy dish filled with jelly beans from Uncommon Goods14. Plant Propagation Station

This stylish plant propagation station allows greenery to thrive with ease.

Colorful set of four plant propagators from Etsy

15. Olive Oil
An authentic bottle of olive oil will be treasured by your host if they’re a foodie. Find one with beautiful packaging, like Branche’s No. 1, sold on Athena Caluderone’s EyeSwoon or shop local.

Green bottle of Branche No. 1 olive oil

16. Custom Cutting Board

Perfect for preparing charcuterie, hors d'oeuvres, and full meals with a personal touch.

Custom wood cutting board from Etsy

17. Colorful Coasters

Let hosts add some flare to drink sipping with colorful, minimalist coasters in modern colors.

Colorful set of five modern round coasters from Etsy

18. Diamond Black Waterproof Playing Cards

A chic gift for card players and their guests that will last for years.

Black waterproof cards with gold lettering on Amazon

19. Champagne Stopper

A champagne stopper that’s a show stopper too. Italian design elevates this champagne and sparkling wine sealer. It might just make people not want to finish that bottle, after all. Great New Year’s Eve host gift.

Chrome champagne and sparkling wine stopper from Amazon

20. Sponges with Personality

This is the way to make washing dishes after a successful dinner party more exciting.

Three wine shaped kitchen sponges from The Container Store
The holidays are a time for cheer, camaraderie, and beautiful displays of decor. Smart and stylish gifts are sure to be revered. From personalized tools to living greenery, there’s a gift out there for everyone. We hope you enjoy the holidays and any dinner parties you attend!