How to celebrate Spoil Your Dog Day!

Technically, August 10th but every day is Spoil Your Dog Day

3 minute read

Girl with a pink shirt with a purple heart on it hugs a white labradoodle dog
August 10th marks a day that all dog lovers hold dear to their hearts – Spoil Your Dog Day! It's a day dedicated to showering our furry companions with extra love, treats, and all the tail-wagging joy they deserve. And beyond the holiday, every day is an opportunity to celebrate the unconditional love, loyalty, and boundless happiness that our dogs bring into our lives.

Here are a few ideas for celebrating Spoil Your Dog Day today or any day:
  1. Puparazzi Photoshoot Extravaganza: Hire a doggy photographer and let your pooch strut their stuff on their very own red carpet. Or, use your own photography-know-how and set up backdrops and photoshoots. Paw-sing for the cameras has never been so glamorous.
    Woman in a blue sweater taking a photo of two small dogs sitting on a blue cushion
  2. Canine Chef for a Day: Don the chef's hat and whip up a gourmet doggie feast with ingredients that sound impressive but are basically just kibble and peanut butter. Check out this easy, celebratory pupcake recipe. Bon appétit, Fido.
    A tan dog with a yellow collar gets ready to take a bit out of a cupcake made for dogs
  3. Paw-sitively Perfect Art: Set up an art project with your pup, such as stamping paw prints on a canvas in a pattern, or purchasing a paw print kit, and frame photos.

  4. Barkside Seating at Movie Night: Set up a mini doggy-sized movie theater complete with popcorn, cozy blankets, and a special seat right next to you. Spoil them with their favorite canine classics, and their own treats.
    Tan dog watching a movie
  5. Tail-wagging Spa Day: Pamper your pup with a luxurious pet spa experience using Wondercide shampoo bars. They'll emerge smelling so good, even the squirrels will be jealous.
    White dog with tan ears gets a bath with Wondercide Geranium shampoo bar
  6. Bark-and-Breakfast in Bed: Surprise your pup with a breakfast in bed scenario, complete with scrambled eggs and treats.

  7. Epic Game of Fetch - with a Twist: Elevate the classic game of fetch by hiding treats instead of the ball. Your dog's nose will lead them on an adventure worthy of a sniffer detective.

  8. Custom Doggy Castle, Agility Course or Play Area: Commission a local artist to create a whimsical doggy castle or play area in your backyard. Or gather inspiration to set up your own, doggie play area. It's the perfect place for your pup to rule over their kingdom of chew toys.
    Dog with black fur sits in front of a blue play tube in the yard
  9. Doggy Social Media Takeover: Let your dog become the new sensation on social media for the day. Don't forget to capture their "thoughtful" pondering face and hilarious antics.

  10. Canine Comfort Corner: Set up a pup-approved relaxation corner with plush cushions, calming music, and a designated human to provide endless ear scratches.
As a company rooted in the well-being of pets and their people, we embrace the spirit of Spoil Your Dog Day throughout the year at Wondercide. Let’s celebrate by making every tail wag, every belly rub, and every moment shared with our dogs a memorable one.