Read of the day: Q&A with Nikki Reed

Mindfulness, wellness, and the beauty all around us

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Read of the day: Q&A with Nikki Reed

We partnered with actress, designer, and environmentalist Nikki Reed this year to get the word out about Wondercide in a bigger way. Why Nikki? She embodies what we call Fierce Love®, the kind of love that does everything in its power to protect. Nikki gives Fierce Love® to her Pack (which includes her humans and animals – dogs, cats, cow, horse, and chickens), rescue animals, people of every kind, everywhere, and the planet.  

Her company is focused on love too! Bayou with Love sells sustainable fine jewelry made from conscious, ethical sourcing of materials like recycled gold from discarded technology. Local artisans are celebrated and we love that!

Nikki inspires us and shares: "We are working towards a zero waste model with the smallest footprint possible, and hoping that by doing so we can pave the way for other companies to do this as well. It only works if we are all doing this, so my goal is to make space for other companies to join, not to be the only company doing it." 

So in honor of a better today and tomorrow, we’re sharing Nikki’s best tips – what we can all do to be more mindful, be well, and enjoy the beauty around us. Here we go, our top questions and Nikki’s responses.

Q: What is your favorite healthy food or drink?

A:  “WATER is so important and I can talk a lot about this. Specifically, structured water!”

Q: What’s your skincare routine? It glows. 

A: “For me it’s a balance between natural sunlight and oils for healthy skin. I believe we should pay attention to everything our skin is telling us. Every blemish is part of our body speaking to us- liver/gut etc.”

Q: What’s your favorite family activity?

A: “I love exploring the outdoors with my family and animals. When enjoying nature I spray my whole family with Wondercide. My absolute favorite scent is Rosemary. It reminds me of my fragrant gardens. I always keep mini bottles in my bags to stay protected on-the-go and we re-apply if we’re outside for any extended time. Don’t forget safe sunscreen and a hat.”

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Q: How do you prep for outdoor adventures with your Pack?

A: “I pack enough pure water and some whole-food, high-protein snacks that travel well like trail mix. When I'm out all day with my daughter and pets, their energy is zapped without proper hydration and nutrition.”

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do solo?

A: “I love to write and I’m a morning writer! I also love to read. “Do Nothing” is one of my favorite recent reads. I recently posted about it on Instagram.”

Q: Any other wellness tips?

A: “Yes absolutely. Check out red light and its many health benefits. It’s really helped me when I can’t get enough natural sunlight or I have too much blue light from being tied to all the modern devices nowadays.”

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