Share the love on National Pet Day with this paw-fect DIY dog toy

Unleash your appreciation for your furry friends with a homemade tug-of-war toy

3 minute read

A golden retreiver in a kitchen leaps toward a hand holding a homemade tug-of-war toy

They’re our live-in best friends, our number-one fans, and our adorable furry companions, giving us unconditional love every day. Our pets deserve to be celebrated all year round, and on April 11th, National Pet Day, we’re going big with something they can’t get enough of: toys!

There’s nothing more enticing to a pup than a fun game of tug-of-war with their favorite human. You can create your dog’s most prized tug toy from your own home using a few simple steps and some old, unused t-shirts. The best part is; that these toys won’t cost you a dime! All that’s required of you is your craftsmanship and unconditional love for your pup!


1. First, dig through your closet and find those old t-shirts you’ve been meaning to donate but haven’t gotten around to it. Finally, you’ll have a use for them.

A golden brown cat looks over an old t shirt and scissors on a speckled countertop

2. Cut or rip a shirt into three separate parts. You can use three different shirts if you want the end result to include different colors.

An old t shirt cut into pieces with scissors lying underneath

3. Use a smaller piece of t-shirt to tie the strips together at one end. Then, braid the shirt strips together the way you would braid someone’s hair. Try to get the toy as tight as possible so your pup won’t tear through it by accident.

Strips of an old t shirt are braided together

4. When you’ve reached the end of the braiding process, tie another small bit of shirt around the remaining end just as you did to the first one.

A finished tug of war dog toy made from old to shirts

All that’s left is to gift the tug toy to your pup and watch them go crazy!

A golden retreiver plays with a handmade tug of war toy

    We hope this one-ingredient DIY dog toy brightens your pup’s special day. National Pet Day is a celebration of the unique bond pet owners share with their furry friends- but it doesn’t need to end there. Even if you’re not a dog parent, you can still participate in this dog-fested day by donating one of these nifty crafts to a dog shelter! There’s always a furry playmate out there waiting to savor a fun craft made with care. You’ll be spreading some puppy love while decluttering your closet. It’s a win-win for everyone, as interacting with dogs often is.

    Share the joy this April 11th with the ones who remind us each day just how powerful an animal’s love can be. Let us embrace the gift of their presence with presents and spoil them with homemade treats. Happy National Pet Day from our Wondercide family to yours!

    A golden retreiver smiles at a person handing a tug of war toy to them