The marvelous morning mayhem

How to streamline your pre-camp routine this summer

4 minute read

A little girl in a blue denim short sleeve shirt and cap blows irridescent bubbles into the air

Ah, summer camp—a magical place where kids can run wild, make lifelong friends, and return home utterly exhausted every single day. But before they embark on their thrilling adventures, parents must endure the daily challenge of getting their children ready for camp. Fear not, weary moms and dads, for we present to you a foolproof plan to create a streamlined, easy pre-camp morning routine. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Children do best when routines are regular, predictable, and consistent.” But how do you do this while still having fun this summer? Brace yourselves for the delightful chaos that awaits.

Step 1: Wake up like a champ.

Imagine your kid waking up like this? Pure smiles? Up at the dawn’s light? Well surprise, surprise, the morning routine starts the night before! Have your camper take out their outfit for the next day, pre-pack their bag, and even have an understanding of the morning routine. Then, plan for a little extra time in the morning so that nobody, parents included, feels rushed. Now for wakey time. For the little ones (ages 5-7), gently wake them up with the grace of a fairy godparent. Sing a silly song, sprinkle imaginary fairy dust, or simply blast their favorite tunes to start the day on a whimsical note. If all else fails, employ the dreaded "tickle monster" technique—guaranteed to induce laughter and groans simultaneously.

A young child wakes up with a big smile and cuddles with mom before the day begins

Kids can embrace the morning routine when they're included in the planning and prep the night before. Just plan for a little extra time in the morning so everything goes smoothly.

Step 2: The getting-dressed Olympics.

The infamous struggle of getting kids dressed in the morning. For the older ones (ages 8-10), turn it into a sport. Time them as they race against the clock to put on their camp attire—bonus points for style and creativity. As for the little adventurers (ages 5-7), music as a timer helps. Let them mix and match their camp clothes and strut their stuff down a makeshift runway, that being the hallway to the next stop.

A young child dances as he dresses and puts on a brown shirt in front of wallpaper with a nature motif

Getting dressed in the morning is fun when you turn it into a timed game or play music to get into the dressing groove.

Step 3: Breakfast fiesta.

Encourage your kids to eat a healthy breakfast to fuel their camp adventures. Kids can help make a list of breakfast ideas for the week. For the older ones (ages 8-14), they might love a delicious breakfast smoothie packed with fruits and secret superpowers (by "secret superpowers," we mean a sneaky scoop of protein powder if you’d like). Make it extra special by naming it something like "Captain Courage's Super Smoothie." For the little munchkins (ages 5-7), present them with a very special waffle-nut-butter-banana creation. Even a trusty bowl of cereal will do the trick.

A young black child in brown linen shirt enjoys a delicious morning smoothie in a peach thermos with a stainless steel straw.

A nutritious smoothie is a smart way to get kids to eat more fruits and veggies which can power up their day at camp. Plus, smoothies taste so good!

Step 4: The sunscreen samba.

No summertime adventure is complete without a generous slathering of sunscreen to protect your little explorers from the sun's mighty rays. For this step, gather your kids in a designated sunscreen zone. That way, you always know where the bottles of sunscreen are located each day.

Make it a game of "Sunscreen Picasso." Give each child a canvas (their bodies) and let them become little artists, painting themselves with colorful streaks of sunscreen. Encourage their imagination as they transform into sun-protected masterpieces. Sometimes it helps little ones to apply the sunscreen to their face with a wide makeup brush. It’s gentle and spreads well. Remember, it's not just about getting the job done; it's about turning a mundane task into a moment of laughter and joy.

Step 5: The great Wondercide spraydown.

Summer is synonymous with bugs. Nobody wants mosquito bites, nor to come home with ticks. Thank goodness you have Wondercide, the plant-powered potion that will save your little ones from pesky critters. Before they head off to camp, give them a spritz of Wondercide Insect Repellent to keep those bugs at bay. Have them choose their favorite scent. Peppermint? Lemongrass? Cedarwood? Rosemary? It’s safe for the whole family when used as directed. The scent of victory (and natural essential oils) shall reign free.

A woman's arm holds a bottle of Wondercide cedarwood Insect Repellent and applies the spray to a child who is wearing a blue shirt and jean shorts

Wondercide Insect Repllent sprays will save the day at camp. They're lab proven to repel mosquitoes and ticks plus they come in four scents kids and parents love.

Step 6: The grand expedition.

Finally, it's time to embark on the epic journey to the camp bus, car ride, or walk. Strap on your adventure shoes, grab the backpacks, and prepare for the sprint. It helps to create a list of daily must-haves that campers need to bring, so you can read them off each morning. Towel? Check. Lunch? Check. Designate your loading-dock area of goods, which where your campers can pick up and unload their backpacks each day.

With these steps, you’re well on your way to creating a streamlined, easy pre-camp morning routine for both kids and parents. From waking up like champs to embarking on the grand expedition to the camp bus, sprinkled with Wondercide and the Sunscreen Samba, your mornings will be filled with laughter and unforgettable moments. Embrace the chaos, embrace the silliness, and remember that the memories you create during these lively mornings will be cherished for years to come. So, go forth, brave parents, and enjoy the wild and wonderful journey of preparing your little ones for their camp adventures.