From mess to fresh: washing your dog, made easy

Happy Wash Your Dog Day!

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Golden doodle dog sits in a bathtub next to Wondercide Flea & Tick liquid shampoo

On National Wash Your Dog Day, dirty dogs everywhere will be relaxing in their bathtubs for their spa-like treatments. Some pups love the water and suds, while some plot out their escape from the moment they know bath time is coming. Let's make washing the dog comfortable and easy for everyone involved so everyone can enjoy this wonderful day. Here are a few tips to consider: 

Place for Space:

Choose the bathing area that has bath mats or non-slip surfaces to eliminate safety hazards like slipping. How will fido be rinsed? Set that plan: will you need a cup or plastic container, or does the sink or tub have an extendable spray handle? Getting organized upfront will make the bathing experience better for you both.

Dog washing stations are available at many pet places in the U.S. and have everything you need to make bath time easy. Some dogs might find the added social stimulus more nerve-wracking so choose the place and space that's right for your pet.

Three kids wash two dogs at a dog washing station @kahlua.n.whiskey

Dog washing stations can be easy and fun for the whole pack. Convenience is a good thing.

Getting Ready:

Set aside everything that you need in advance, starting with the right products. Pet bathing products should specifically be made for dogs. Dogs’ skin is more alkaline and can get irritated with shampoo made for people.

If you're washing to get rid of fleas on pets four months or older, Wondercide's plant-powered Flea & Tick shampoo is the bottle to reach for. Otherwise, for pets of all ages, consider a shampoo bar. Picture a bar of soap, but it’s shampoo for your dog. It’s easy to use with one hand to massage over your dog while you support your furry one with your other hand. No more furry leaps out of the bathtub when you reach for the shampoo. Wondercide shampoo bars offer something for every dog and your bathroom will smell like a true spa experience. 

  • Geranium shampoo bar with citronella is great before and after adventure.
  • Hypoallergenic shampoo bar with aloe helps soothes sensitive skin.
  • Oatmeal & Honey shampoo bar with shea butter is perfect for drier skin.
  • Exfoliating shampoo bar with Neem bark and patchouli supports a deep clean.
Wondercide shampoo bars on a table outside

Wondercide shampoo bars make bath time fun and easy. Wash your pet with one hand and support them with the other.

    Scrub a Dub Dub:

    Now that things are assembled, it's time to scrub a dub and get doggies in the tub. Whether it’s positive reinforcement or giving pup treats, try ro make them as comfortable as possible. First, run the water to get a pleasant temperature. Wet down dogs with water first. Then apply shampoo and work into a lather all over the body. Do it with love!  Bath time is also a great time to bond with your bestie.

    A woman in a light blue denim shirt bathes her golden retreiver dog in a galvanized tub outside

    Washing outside is often easier than setting up inside. Be sure the water and air temps aren't too cold or too hot for your dog.

    Wash them Twice:

    Many grooming experts recommend shampooing the dog twice, sharing that the first time gets rid of most of the dirt and the second time cleanses the skin and coat well. Always follow the instructions on the label of the shampoo you're using.

    While you're washing, ensure the lather is worked into doggie’s fur and skin using your fingertips or other massage tools like a loofah to fully cover every inch. Avoid the eyes, nose, and inside ears. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear and soap is removed.

    A woman in a light green shirt rinses her dog small white dog in the kitchen sink after bathtime

    A sink is often a good choice for small dogs when it's time for bathing. Don't forget the non-slip mat.

    Reward for Progress:

    Remove or coax out your dog with a warm, fluffy towel and use positive talk to keep them calm. You both should be proud you've come through bath time like champs. After drying their fur (but not with a hot hair dryer) or it dries naturally, apply a flea-and-tick spray that smells great and will repel the bugs so they can enjoy the day without the bites.

    A woman in a light blue denim shirt dries her golden retreiver dog iwith a towel as another dog runs by

    A soft comforting towel after a bath can feel so good for your furry one. Celebrate a job well done.

    If your dog has hot spots, rashes, or other irritations, consider Skin Tonic spray or oil to provide soothing relief. Just rub coat in opposite direction of growth and spray on skin, then massage in gently.

    Now is a great time to brush out fur with the right brush for the type of coat your dog has. Finally, recognize progress with cuddles and treats – for dogs and people!