Turning your home into a pet-friendly sanctuary

Design tips to maintain a stylish home even with furry occupants

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Turning your home into a pet-friendly sanctuary

How much do we love our pets? So much, that 90.5 million families share this adoration of animals! That’s upwards of 70 percent of U.S. households owning a pet of some sort! Dogs are in the majority, about 69%, but cats are a close second at 45.3%.

Living with pets makes us more happy. And we want to up that happiness-quota by offering tips about how to make your home joyous, beautiful, cozy, luxurious – all the good things – for you and your pet alike. Here’s how.

Choose furniture that is resilient to pets

Sofas, chairs, rugs – they can look gorgeous, but how’s the functionality? We pet parents need that ying/yang, starting with choosing fabrics and materials that won’t harbor smells and are also stain and scratch-resistant. These days, furniture companies like Burrow and Floyd are catering to pet households, designing with smart, pet-friendly materials.

In high-traffic areas like living rooms, it’s a good idea to choose furniture with easy-to-clean fabrics such as microfiber, microsuede , and other game-changing synthetic fabrics that resist scratches and stains.

We know that removing pet hair is part of our routine, when we can. We’ve found microfiber cloths, a pet sponge, lint brush, or tape best for removing stubborn pet hairs. We relish in cushions with removable covers that can go in the washing machine – so easy!

Faux leathers make wiping furniture even easier, plus we love that their kind to animals when they’re made thoughtfully.

What doesn’t work? Furniture that becomes a scratching post or wears down easily. Avoid buying furniture with wicker, rattan, or sisal elements. That Frank Gehry Wiggle Chair is absolutely iconic, but unless you want to invest in a $1,500 scratching post, you might want to avoid it.

Protecting furniture just in case

Even when all the above is ticked off the to-do list, there may still be the chance that pets will be destructive to a living space.

Attractive faux-fur throws or other blankets are stylish and can be washed and changed frequently.

Spraying the legs of furniture and other wooden areas with bitter apple spray does a good job of repelling pets from chewing. Just be sure to test the material before using in full.

Other common sense approaches include keeping cat and dog nails trimmed, as well as brushing pets on a regular basis.

Dishing on the pet dish

For dogs that are big enough to reach them, installing these elevated dog bowls that have been purposefully attached to the side of the kitchen cabinets, is a great way to prevent them from being kicked about on the kitchen floor.

We love this functional solution to feeding smaller dogs and this classy wall mounted feeder that is sure to keep any cat happy.

If you don’t have the room to slide the pet bowls underneath the toe kick of your kitchen cabinetry, this stylish dresser with a pull-out drawer for pet bowls is another great alternative to keeping your home stylish.

One more alternative is to choose a cabinet drawer at the bottom of the kitchen cabinets and use it as a designated pet food station. Line it with a mat or something else waterproof to protect your cabinets.

Keeping pet accessories, dog crates and pet toys out of the way

Keeping a home stylish is often difficult for pet parents who tend to have more than their fair share of pet accessories, including leashes, toys, and grooming supplies.

Organizing cat and dog supplies is doable if you follow our smart storage solution tips. But first, it’s important that you designate one area of your home for these items, be it an entryway, a mudroom, a kitchen, or a laundry room.

If additional cabinet space is not an option, choose a shelf in the pantry for pet supplies. Adding a stand-alone storage unit in an empty corner of the room where your pets sleep is an effective way to store pet accessories too.

Adding hooks, baskets and bins will make it more efficient and stylish. It’s easy to attach sturdy command hooks or a functional shelf with baskets on the wall to hang the dog’s leash and harness.

The baskets can be used for toys and can also serve as a space for waste bags and dog-friendly wipes, in addition to grooming supplies.

While we admit that keeping a dog crate out of the way is almost impossible for some pet parents, there are ways to get around that, too.

We suggest you look online for the multiple ways that dog kennels can double as attractive end tables, coffee tables, even credenzas.

With a little creativity and know-how, we believe that all pet parents can turn their homes into stylish sanctuaries that keep them and their pet companions happy.