One Happy Camper and Flight at a Time

Camper, Zip, and friends are saved and singing a new song thanks to this Pack.


The Gift of Life

Watch the recap from our 2022 rescue flight with Dog Is My CoPilot, Austin Pets Alive! (APA), and rescue partners in Texas, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah. 

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Meet the flight crew

As seen on CBS Sunday Morning, non-profit Dog Is My CoPilot (DIMC) has saved over 22,000 at-risk pets from overcrowded shelters by flying them to cities where families are excited to adopt them. Through the Fierce Love® fund (made possible by our customers), we sponsored rescue flights in 2021 and 2022. Want to offer your support? Donate to Dog Is My CoPilot.

The travel coordinators

Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) pioneers innovative programs designed to save the animals most at risk of euthanasia. Seeing the challenges facing overcrowded and underfunded rural shelters in Texas, APA! stepped in to offer help, including coordination, local transport, vet services, and the bridge to the life-saving flights with Dog Is My CoPilot. Donate to Austin Pets Alive!

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Featured author

The pre-flight prepper

Matt Beisner is a certified professional dog trainer and star of the Disney+ show, Dog: Impossible. He signed on to help our pre-flight pups feel more comfortable on their way to a better life. Stress-related behaviors are one of the top reasons pets are turned in (and returned) to shelters and rescues. Matt's working to to ensure our entire fur family lands softly and stays in their forever homes.

The passengers

This good-looking group of pups are just a few who traveled a big distance for a better life. Rescues like Erath County Humane Society in Texas sent them to partners at Animal Friends Alliance in Fort Collins, Colorado via the partnership with APA! and DIMC – and The Big Dog, the name of the plane they flew to freedom in.

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Watch Fierce Love® take flight in 2021

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