Dogs unleash paw-sitive vibes at Wondercide

Every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

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Woman with blonde hair petting a light golden retriever who looks at her laptop

At Wondercide, we like to think of ourselves as the pioneers of pawsitivity in the workplace. While the rest of the world celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day once a year, we've taken things to a whole new level by welcoming our furry friends every single day. And that’s exactly how we love it. Our office is a doggie haven where tails wag, paws tap, and productivity soars to new heights.

We know that taking dogs to work has an array of benefits for both our employees and our four-legged companions. One top reason: They help us feel good. In fact, a report from the National Library of Medicine found that, “people who brought their pet companions to work have lower self-reported stress at work. In addition, the highest perceived function of pets in the workplace is to reduce stress, reported by owners, managers, and non-owners. Allowing dogs into the workplace can also reduce the stress related to the personal life of dog-owners. Dog-owners who are allowed to bring a dog to work feel less stressed than do colleagues who either leave their dog at home or in a dog-care facility, making pet-friendly policies an instrument for better employee work–life balance.” 

Clearly, it's a win-win situation. Still, that doesn’t mean we let our friendly furry ones run the office. Well, mostly they don’t. 

An Australian shephard gives his human a kiss at work while a painting of the dog hangs on the wall behind

Sam gives his favorite human some love after hearing it’s time to take a break and go play outside.

Dogs rule. And we have rules, too.

First and foremost, we have a few guidelines to ensure a harmonious work environment. Wondercide dogs must be well-behaved and healthy, with a penchant for good grooming. And let's not forget about the importance of responsible pet ownership. All pups must be spayed or neutered. Leashes are a must, keeping our furry colleagues in check and in their owners' physical presence at all times. After all, we want to avoid "paws-on" mishaps while we go about our work

Of course, we understand that not everyone is as head-over-heels in love with dogs as we are. If any of our employees are allergic to or fearful of their co-workers' fluffy companions, we respect their boundaries and keep the pups at a respectful distance. We're all about fostering a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere.

One thing we take very seriously is the cleanliness of our workspace. So, rest assured, Wondercide employees are committed to picking up after their adorable furballs. No mousetraps in the office, thank you very much. Plus, we've strategically placed doggie gates to maintain a sense of calm and order throughout the day.

So…who’s who?

Meet some of the regulars who bring joy and wagging tails to our office:

In the Operations department, we have Clyde, Tucker, Everett, and Lola who excel at providing their paws-on assistance to keep things running smoothly. Playing fetch during breaks is top on the to-do list.

Two labs and two golden retrievers pose in a row after playing fetch with their Wondercide toys

Everett, Clyde, Tucker, and Lola pose for a pic after playtime.



A light colored golden retriever sits on shipping boxes in a warehouse and then on his bed with his favorite plush toy in his mouth

Clyde keeps an eye on the team and his toys at all times.

Over in Fulfillment where boxes are filled and shipped, Mila is the queen of keeping things running smoothly. She's got an eye for efficiency and a nose for finding the right package. A few hugs at break time always makes her day.


A woman in a black shirt holds her small white dog who then takes a nap in her bed at work

Mila shares love with her mom and the rest of the team each day at Wondercide. A tiny rest now and then is well earned.

Customer Love is where Winnie shines. Just like our customer service team, her friendly disposition and wagging tail make our pack feel extra loved and appreciated. Winnie loves Thankful Thursday and is always available for pets through the day.

A black and white dog enjoy the day at work showing gratitude indoors and out

If you chat with Austin on the Customer Love team say hello to Winnie too!

And let's not forget about social media pups. Marnie and Winnie are always on trend. Their creative and community prowess is only enhanced by the presence of their loyal and supportive canine companions.

A woman and her dog lay on the sofa together and then the dog takes a nap in bed

After creating fun videos for social, Marnie likes to lounge while her mom finishes the work day.

If you chat with the company in social media, Winne is there for you. He keeps an eye on all the messages of goodness and loves to hear how everyone is staying protected from bugs with Wondercide.

A light tan golden retriever sits next to a laptop and then lays down while wearing a blue, green, and pink plaid banadana around the neck

Winnie keeps an eye on social mentions and takes a break sporting his favorite accessory.

We're so passionate about our furry coworkers that we've dedicated a wall in Luna's Lounge (Luna was the original Wonder pup!) to celebrate all of our furry teammates. We update it regularly to showcase the latest additions to our ever-expanding pack.

A wall filled with pictures of pets who belong Wondercide employees decorates Luna's lounge at the Wondercide headquarters

Luna is the dog who inspired Wondercide. The company’s lounge is named after her and the walls are decorated with pics of teammates’ pets.

The ways our doggos work and play.

Two of our office dogs are certified members of the prestigious Go Team Therapy, Crisis & Airport Dogs. Clyde and Tucker lend a helping paw in times of need, spreading comfort and smiles wherever they go. 

Two goldens with red bananas sit next to a firefighter in front of a red truck and a group of kids pets a golden retriever who brings them joy

Clyde and Tucker help bring comfort and happiness to those in need through their work as therapy dogs.

And if that wasn't impressive enough, they’re also part of Team Wondercide Dock Divers, taking the plunge and making waves in the world of competitive diving. Everett is also part of the team. At the 2021 National Dock Diving Championship, Everett placed 9th in the senior division while Tucker competed in the Junior division. From his mom, Deana: “Let’s just say he was there for the party and we absolutely love him for being him - he’s a perfect example of ‘you do you’ and is living his best life by that motto!”

Clyde was the #1 ranked golden retriever in the senior division for part of the 2022 season until he jumped right into a higher division. App-paws to the team!

A golden retriever jumps off a doc into water and three dogs poe with medals at the North American Diving Dogs competition

Clyde was the #1 ranked golden retriever in his class in 2022 while Everett placed 9th in the senior division at the 2021 National Dock Diving Championship.

While we all work hard at Wondercide, we know how to have a good time too! Dogs are an integral part of everything we do, from our weekly Thankful Thursday meetings, to our monthly Fun Fun Fridays and quarterly All Hands gatherings. They even join us for holiday parties, where they're guaranteed to receive their fair share of treats and belly rubs.

A small white dog wears a smokey ranger halloween costume while Wondercide employees pose with their dogs at the company halloween party

Mila sports a smart ranger costume at Wondercide’s Halloween party. The team poses for a pic with doggos included, of course.

But it's the little things that truly showcase the magic of having dogs in the office. Picture this: you're walking toward the front door, and you spot a collection of sticks neatly gathered by our diligent canine colleagues. They take them when it’s time for fetch outside and leave them for other dogs who might need a stick or two. It's a true testament to the thoughtfulness and camaraderie that exists among our furry coworkers.

Two golden retrievers sit next to a pile of sticks and sign that says leave a stick and take a stick for dogs who visit the office

Clyde and Tucker share the joy of sticks with other doggos who stop by. The ever-changing pile of sticks is from them. The sign is from our Creative Director who noticed the fun.

And let's not forget about the mischievous moments that keep us laughing. One afternoon, a mysterious banging noise echoed through one of the back doors. Naturally, we thought it was a human desperately trying to enter. To our surprise, it was little Mila on a mission to find her human, Marsha. Looks like she didn't quite make it through the door when Marsha did. They were quickly reunited.

A small white dog sits on a worker's lap and then smiles big

Mila finds the fun in every day and her smile brightens up the office.

Our employees can attest to the boundless joy that dogs bring to the office. Lucy, for instance, waits by her owner's front door every morning, leash in mouth, excited for another day of work. If that's not dedication, we don't know what is.

Bow wow to good times.

It's not all about the cute and cuddly factor. There are both measurable and anecdotal benefits to having our pets with us at work, including providing more opportunities to come together as teammates and colleagues.

In an article in Time, it was noted that Jennifer Fearing, co-author of “Dogs at Work: A Practical Guide to Creating Dog-Friendly Workplaces,” said that pets also could provide an opportunity for collaboration across departments:

“You discover, when walking across the office to pet a cute dog, cross-pollination between your work,’ she said. "You really wouldn’t have had the idea to work together, but because you struck up a conversation about the dog, you discover an opportunity that produces some synergy that wouldn’t have otherwise existed.”

Two employees play fetch with a light color golden who is running toward the camera chasing a red ball

Dogs bring employees together over a common (and cute!) experience.

It seems to us that the benefits of having your pet at work with you are positively overwhelming. We’re excited to continue welcoming our furry friends in the office today and every day. We encourage you to do the same. Take those dogs to work and see how everything from morale to productivity improves. Before you go to work with your pup, put on Wondercide's Flea & Tick Collar or use Flea & Tick Pets + Home spray on your pup and throughout the office to keep fleas and ticks away from the fun. Now, it’s time to let pawsitivity reign supreme.