Norma Jean, the beauty queen

Lucky in love, at the very first click

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Norma Jean, the beauty queen
This narrative is part of the Wondercide March series called The Lucky Ones, stories of rescued animals. But we've discovered that it's us, the humans, who are the lucky ones, indeed.

Kris and Alanna had recently lost two of their furry family members when they began perusing A pic popped up of a three-year old female basset hound/bulldog mix who was recently retired from a puppy mill and looking for a new home. Alanna clicked on the image and thought she was the most beautiful creature she had ever laid eyes on. Kris thought she looked like she was made of spare parts.

They drove to Ohio that weekend to meet her. The rescue assured them that while they had named her Norma Jean, she had no name at the puppy mill so they could rename her anything they liked. But as soon as they set eyes on Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe’s birth name), they thought she was so beautiful and deserving, they decided to adopt her and keep her name.

Wondercide rescue dog Norma Jean

The vet estimated Norma Jean had given birth to three to six litters. Since she was so long and short, her teats were literally dragging the ground when they adopted her. But her mama days were over as Kris and Alanna scheduled her spay right away.

From shy to spoiled

Norma Jean was indeed a beauty queen. But she was as shy as she was stunning. Timid and scared of the slightest sounds, like the rustling of a paper bag or a big truck driving by. New to sleeping in beds, having feline friends, and eating ice cream from a cone, she quickly assimilated to the good life. Kris and Alanna took her everywhere with them, and she quickly became a local superstar.

Rescue dog and owner

Everyone loved Norma Jean, especially Kris’ mom, Carol, who had recently lost her husband and was a bit lonely in her house. During one visit, Carol suggested Norma spend the night, the next time it was a week, then that was it. Norma Jean now belonged to Carol.

Queen of the couch

Eight years later, Norma Jean is the mayor of Lakeworth Drive. She goes for two walks a day and is a huge hit with all the neighbors, their kids, and dogs.

Carol says she had a few dark days during the Covid pandemic and Norma helped her through them. Norma is her best friend, she makes homemade food for her and boosts her up into her bed every night. On some nights, when Norma wants to sleep on the couch, Carol squeezes in beside her. “Who saved who?” indeed. Norma Jean is now one happy, healthy, well-loved 13 year old rescue beauty.

Owner and dog on couch


Norma Jean's Pet Peeves

Favorite place to sleep?
By mom’s side, wherever that is.

Looses patiences when…
Having to wait for the humans to get ready to go for a walk.

Favorite splurge?
Puppaccinos from Starbucks, of course.

Favorite Wondercide product?
The peppermint scented flea and tick collar. There are lots of stray cats in my neighborhood and while I love them all, I don’t want them to share their fleas. Wondercide keeps me safe from fleas and ticks and sweet-smelling, like a beauty queen should be.