20 ways to get into the fall mood

Your fall starter pack to loving autumn even more

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 Westie dog walks in a park in the fall with leaves in the background
If you’re anything like us, you loooooove the fall. The mere thought of autumn sparks pumpkin-spice, colorful-leaves, cooler-temps love throughout our souls. There are so many little joys and so much to love about the fall. Let’s kick off the season and relish the ways to love this time of year. Here’s a start:

1. Go to a farm for apple picking and fresh apple cider.

A quintessential fall-must. First things first, grab your favorite flannel shirt, pre-treat yourself with Wondercide bug repellent, and head to a nearby farm for some apple picking. Try a variety of kinds, and you might just find a new favorite apple. For later in the season, go pear picking.

A young girl in a light blue shirt picks red apples off the tree

2. Find a tree, a hill, or even a boulder to lean against as your new reading spot.

Enjoy the cool temps, crisp air, the sound of the rustling leaves, and relax with a good book. Find your favorite fall park or opt for your backyard and nestle into nature.

A young girl in a pink shirt reads while sitting on boulders in a hamlet

3. Go on a nature walk (and take Fido).

Take your furry friend, family, or go for a solo nature walk. Collect leaves and pinecones along the way. When you get home, you can press the leaves and craft greeting cards, book marks, you name it.

A person walks on a nature trail in the fall colors

4. Honor your inner child and make a big leaf pile to jump in.

There’s nothing better than a perfect jump into a heaping pile of leaves. Just remember to first spray yourself, your family, and your pets with bug repellent, and prep your yard, too. Take photos or videos!

A young boy jumps in a leaf pile

5. Host a murder mystery dinner party.

It’s spooky season after all. For your dinner party, opt for a fun dress code, like Gothic Victorian to get in the Halloween mood. Get carried away with the melodrama and make those memories.

A spooky mystery dinner party with friends

6. Walk through a cemetery, read the headstones, and learn history.

Pay homage, feel the serenity, and reflect on life's fleeting moments. Visiting a cemetery can be an uplifting and beautiful experience in the fall or anytime.

A cemetary in the fall

7. Wake up early and get an autumnal treat from a local bakery.

Support your local businesses while treating yourself to pumpkin-spicey-goodness, apple treats, cinnamon donuts. Or all of them. Tis the season! Into treats that are better for you? Seek out your local vegan, organic, or sustainable bakery. 

Rows of donuts with cinnamon sticks in the background

8. Get a warm, fall-themed drink and browse a bookstore for spooky new books.

Hunt for spine-tingling, hair-raising, and heart-pounding books at your local bookstore – used or new. It’s OK to sleep with the lights on.

Hundreds of books on shelves and in the foreground

9. Wear an autumnal outfit inspired by your favorite book, TV, or movie character.

Whether it’s someone from Gilmore Girls, Mr. Rogers, Dead Poets Society, or you name it, sport that sweater, blazer, or jacket.

A black couple smiles wearing fall sweaters during autumn

10. Have a scary movie night and try not to get scared.

Gather your friends, your family, and your pets. Cozy-up with blankets, popcorn, and your favorite fall beverages. If kids (or even dogs) are watching too, opt for a kid-friendly movie that’s just the right level of spook.

A man and woman enjoy wine with their golden retreiver while watching a movie

11. Go thrifting to find a new cardigan, sweater, or fun fall outfit.

Think: coziest cardigans and sweaters, any era goes. If you find one that looks like it came straight from a '90s sitcom, wear it with pride. Shop for fall fashion at your local re-sale shop and revel in the savings.

A thrift re-sale store rack with fall clothes

12. Flex some moth-banishing magic.

You appreciate your fall and winter sweaters. So do the moths. Banish them from your closet so that you start the fall season without holes in your sweaters. Your magic potion? Wondercide’s Cedarwood Indoor Pest Control spray. It kills by contact and is plant-powered. Just like fall. Even if you don’t have a cedar closet, it will smell like you do. The spray comes in three others scents that will take care of the issue too. Bye, moths.

Wondercide Indoor Pest Control Srpays in Four Scents

13. Research local urban legends.

Dive into the world of local urban legends. Spoiler alert: Most of them involve creepy clowns, haunted houses, or a headless horseman. Plan your next adventure accordingly.

A rider on a horse at nightfall with the moon in the background

14. Read ghost stories out loud.

Especially fun by candlelight on a stormy night! Gather around with friends and read ghost stories out loud. Don't forget to set the mood with candles and dim lighting, so every creaking floorboard becomes an eerie part of the tale.

A girl reads a book against a backdrop of autumn leaves

15. Create an autumn playlist or listen to Wondercide’s Fall Vibes tunes.

There are spooky-themed playlists, too, for when you’re in the Halloween mood. Which is probably – always. Here's a fall kick-off playlist from Wondercide:

  • Fall kick-off playlist on Spotify
  • Fall kick-iff playlist on Pandora
  • For even more playlists, check out Autumn Vibes Playlists for Pets and Their Hoomans.

    A woman listening to music on her smart mobile phone

    16. Autemnize your pantry.

    Clean out your pantry and spray down your shelves with Wondercide's Indoor Pest Control spray in Rosemary to kill gnats, moths or many other indoor bugs. Then, stock up on soups, autumnal spices, and other comfort foods.

    A bowl of soup and a pumpkin

    17. Bake pumpkin muffins for yourself and pumpkin dog treats for your pup.

    Because dogs love a taste of autumn too! Check out our easy pup-approved, fall-themed recipes in The Dish, including The Simplest No-Bake Pumpkin Dog Treats for Dogs and these delicious easy to bake Pumpkin Dog Treats.

    A golden retreiver eats a homemade pumpkin dog treat

    18. Volunteer for a fall charity event or festival.

    Share the autumn love by donating your time, services, or funds to support important causes. Your efforts will not only warm your heart but will also contribute to making the season more enjoyable for your community.

    Volunteers dish out meals

    19. Write your to-do list with a quill pen or calligraphy set.

    The special touch will make your tasks seem way more glamourous than they actually are.

    A hand writing with a quill pen with a paper roll and ink well behind

    20. Change your phone background to something autumn related.

    Even your tech can sport autumn’s beauty so get creative with fall-themed pics that inspire you.

    Fall phone background for autumn

    There are so many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, the cozy indoors, and the company of those we love. Happy autumn, all!