29 gifts for fur babies, their parents, and any pet lover

Goodies starting under $5 your pack will love

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Gifts for pets

Fur babies are magical. They bring us so much joy! So the cuddly bundles of love and their families 100% deserve a gift this holiday season. Whether you’re shopping for any fur parent in your life, their pets, your own pack, or yourself – we’ve got some great gift options to peruse!

1. A super sweet cat bed

Talk about cool! Your kitty can get some deep sleep in a semi-enclosed space with soft, breathable lining. Environmentally friendly, too, for bonus points.

2. An adorable, modern portrait

For the pet parent... This West & Willow pet portrait featuring your adorable pet and their unique name is just waiting to come home to you.

3. An easy-to-use ball launcher

Have one of those special doggos who is OBSESSED with fetching the ball? This fetch launcher is perfect for you! No more slobbery, dirty hands my friend. Just put the ball in the launcher and be on your merry way towards loads of fetching fun.

4. A luxurious dog bed 

Looking to really pamper your pup when it comes to getting some Zzzzzzs? This premium dog bed is certainly pricey but once you see the reviews you’ll see why! Available in a few sizes and colors, too.

5. A fluffy low-cost dog bed

… Or for a fraction of the cost here is another great option for your dog or cat to cozy up in for naps and bedtime. This cat and dog bed comes in tons of sizes and colors!

6. A peppermint pack

Calling all peppermint lovers – this one’s for you! This peppermint pack gives you everything you need to keep your dog or cat not only smelling like delicious peppermints – but also protected from annoying bugs like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Great for when you're adventuring and on the go.

7. A small water fountain

Is your kitty coming up short when it comes to staying hydrated? This incredibly high-tech, ceramic water fountain helps encourage cats to increase their water intake. This is great for smaller dogs, too.

8. A magic tunnel for exploring

Now this one’s just plain fun and cute! For cats or dogs, grab one of these crinkly, colorful tunnels and your fur friends will be sure to thank you. 

9. A portable pet carrier

Taking your kitty or small pup with you out on the town or traveling? Check out this pet carrier backpack! Easy to use, cute, AND, Swifties, apparently Taylor Swift uses it for her cat! You heard it first here.

10. A pet spa day!

If you’re looking to pamper your dog or cat with premium skin care or gift a fellow pet parent a gift that keeps on giving – look no further. Choose from any of the four incredible shampoo bar options for pets and be sure to subscribe to an every-3-month shipment to save cash and have spa days year-round.

11. A human spa day!

Or if you’re looking for a spa day for YOU (or a friend or family member) --subscribe and save for an every-3-month shipment of this soap bar for people. This will leave your skin refreshed, revitalized and moisturized – and it smells amazing.

12. A silent squeaker toy

Doggos love those high pitched squeaks, amirite? And sometimes the squeaks can give us a headache. Have the best of both worlds with this silent squeaker toy.

13. The always-reliable socks

Three words that speak for themselves: Custom pet socks.

14. A simple and fun LED toy

A cost effective (and fun) toy to use for your favorite feline friend. This laser and LED light cat toy is sure to provide hours of silliness and laughter to your home.

15. A flapping fish!

Another great cat toy (that would also be entertaining for pups): This ridiculous, flapping fish! Whether it brings you more joy and laughter or your fur baby – who cares?

16. A cozy knit sweater

Are you even a pet parent if you haven’t at least once dressed them up?? Well here’s your excuse either way! This adorable knit sweater comes in a ton of colors and sizes. Your fur baby will be stylin’ as the cutest pet on the block.

17. A hoodie for a dog and his human 

Better yet, if you want to match your pup in style, check out these adorable outfits: These will have you and your favorite furball turning heads left and right!

18. Customized collars

Calling all those that love custom-everything! These customized collars have tons of designs and an easy way to put Fido or Sassy’s name on it. Easy, cost efficient, adorable.

19. A hanging bird feeder

For that special bird watcher in your life who loves gazing out the window at birdies (You? Your cat? Your neighbor or your neighbor’s cat?). Check out this cool bird feeder! Fun for everyone. Just make sure the cat isn’t too hungry around it.

20. A purrfect ice cube tray

We love a good “Crazy Cat Person” gift -- who doesn’t? You know who they are (and maybe it’s you!). This cat ice cube tray is a must. Hilarious and useful. Pour me a drink and put it on ice, please!

21. Personalized food and water bowls

Looking to jazz up brekky or dinner time for your fur baby (or maybe your sister-n-law’s extra-cool new kitten)? Look no further than these beautiful custom bowls.

22. Personalized toys 

… and if you’re really into customizing, check out these adorable custom squeaky toys, too.

23. … and custom ID tags

They're are so cute they’re almost illegal!

24. An automatic tennis ball launcher

Does your pup love fetching the ball (and does your arm hurt 😉?) Check out this automatic ball thrower as a fun and active gift for your fur child.

25. A light-up leash

For the late night or early morning walker fans, a light up leash can be really helpful (and stylish!).

26. A breed DNA test

For the breed brainiacs, you can find out the various breeds that make up your doggo with this dog DNA test.

27. A silicon lick mat

Bath time help here we come! This lick mat will have your doggo distracted and satisfied while you get the cleaning done. A win-win!

28. A GPS Tracker for dogs

Want more peace of mind when it comes to your pet being safe at home? Especially for those that tend to take off down the street when they escape! This GPS finder may be just what you need.

29. The gift of giving back

To wrap this all up (see what we did there), gift the ultimate gift by GIVING BACK and supporting an organization doing a lot of good. There are tons! Start here with Austin Humane Society.

Well there you have it, Wonder Pack. We hope you loved this top 29 of the purrfect gifts for pets and their families. Do you have a great gift idea that isn’t on our list? Share it in the comments below!