Celebrate National Pet Day with a purrfect craft

Hand-make some love for your special kitten on April 11th

4 minute read

Handmade cat wand toy in foreground with cat watercolor in background

National Pet Day is here, which means it’s time to pamper our pet pals, and nothing expresses true love like a homemade gift. Even your feline friend will appreciate the efforts of constructing your own handmade present for their enjoyment.

What’s a cat’s best friend (besides you, of course)? A cat loves their wand toys! The thrill of the chase and the endless amounts of fun cats have with their feather wands puts some dazzle in their day. So, why not make your own wand from scratch, to impress your kitty with your crafting skills? You’ll be sure to whisker off her paws!

Crafts give us the opportunity to put our hands together and create something fabulous for our furry friends. You’ll have your cat feline extra special on this wondrous day after they receive their new toy made with love. All it takes is a few simple household items and a little bit of your time.

Materials needed:

Materials needed to make a DIY cat wand sitting on a marble countertop with detail shots of each item
  • Felt
  • Cord
  • Twine or thick thread
  • Wire
  • Small bells
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutter
  • Pliers
  • Glue


1. The first step is to create the feathers that’ll hang from the wand for your kitty to paw at. Take a sheet of felt and cut out a rectangle. The size is up to you. Fold the rectangle in half and cut an oval out of the folded felt.

An oval cut out of a piece of green felt

2. Trim out a feather shape and cut slits in the sides to really give it that feathery twang.

Felt oval leaves sitting on a countertop

3. Cut short pieces of twine and run the end through a bell. Repeat to make enough for each feather.

Three small colorful bells with twine

4. Cut lengths of the faux leather cord for each feather/bell combo.

Scissors cutting faux brown cord

5. With the wire cutter, cut small pieces of wire that will fit around each set of feather, pieces of twine, and cord. Use pliers to clamp all pieces together and ensure there are no sharp edges by clamping tightly at the ends.

Handmade felt leaves with bells and twine

6. Optional. Make a tassle from the faux leather cord by cutting strips and clamping with wire. 

Handmade felt leaves with bells twine and a faux leather tassle

7. Glue! Glue each piece of cord to the wooden dowel of your choosing. Glue the back of a length of faux leather cord to wrap around the end of the dowel for a finished look.

Faux leather cord wrapped around a wooden dowel

8. Let it dry and then you’re all set to play with your kitty!

A cat wand toy dangles over a marble countertop

This nifty craft will add some sparkle to your pet’s day and show them just how fur-tunate you are to have them in your life. You’ll provide someone special with a fun gift while having fun yourself. It’s a win-win for everyone!

We hope you and your kitten get to spend a purrfect day together and your cat feels all the love. National Pet Day is about giving back to the animals who show us unconditional love each day and bring endless joy to our lives. Wondercide is very excited to celebrate this important and adorable holiday, and we encourage everyone to do the same! Happy National Pet Day from our pack to yours!