The go-to gift guide for cat enthusiasts!

Celebrate National Cat Day with us (and get your pre-holiday shopping done)

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Wondercide Cat Day Gift Guide gift sampling

While you’re busy carving pumpkins and costume shopping for Halloween, don’t forget to celebrate October’s hidden gem of a holiday. National Cat Day falls on October 29th, and Wondercide is eager to celebrate. We’re happy to share our first gift guide of the season for that Crazy Cat Lady in your life and all cat enthusiasts everywhere! Venture below to get inspired with lavish gifts and toys that will bring joy to the whole family. The ultimate finds start here.

1. Walnut Tree Cat Bed

Geometric walnut tree cat bedAllow your cat to hide in plain sight in this gorgeous walnut hideaway lounger. We love how it doubles as a work of art.

2. Cat-ctus Bed

Cactus shaped cat bed and perchThis funky, cactus shaped bed allows your kitty to climb atop a fun structure before taking a long, much needed nap.

3. Interactive Wand Toy

White cat playing with an interactive wand toyWith no 9 to 5 job or homework to do, your cat needs to find a way to occupy its time. What better way than an interactive wand with a bell and feathers to keep your cat distracted for hours on end!

4. Wooden Bamboo Toy

Two light gray kittens play with a three-tier wooden cat toy with ballsIndulge in this unique wooden game meant for your kitten that’s sure to get your cat active and engaged in something other than scratching your couch cushions.

5. Felt Cat Tunnels

A gray cat plays with blue and yellow felted play tunnelsWatch your little feline weave its way in and out of these playful felt tunnels.

6. Wooden Nail Scratching Post

A gray cat stands next to a wooden scratch post on a floor standYour furniture will thank you for this solid nail scratching post to absorb all of your cat’s much needed scratching time.

7.Cherry Cat Bed

Cherry shaped cat bed with perchThis fun, fruity piece of furniture not only looks aesthetic, but also provides a comfy seat for your kitten.

8. Watermelon Litter Box

Watermelon shape kitty litter boxTired of boring, old litter boxes that look as bad as they smell? Try this cute watermelon themed box to turn the least fun cat item in your house into something pleasant.

9. Cat Pool Table

Cat pool table with multicolor ballsEntertain yourself with this cat sized pool table while you watch your furry friend partake in a classic American pastime.

10. Fruit Frenzy Cat Climber

Cat climber with fruit shapesWatch your cat bop to the top of this fruit themed climber from the Museum of Modern Art store.

11. Mounted Cat Scratching Pole

Black cat climbing a mounted cat climber columnTake scratching to the next level with this mountable scratching pole. Allow your cat to climb onto this device and scratch to their galore!

12. Variety Catnip Box

A box of premium cat nip alternativesSpoil kitty with this assortment of alternative catnips all bundled up in one convenient box.

13. Cat Cave

A brown cat pokes its head out from a felted cat caveWe all know cats like their independence. Provide them with a cozy cat cave to support their reclusive needs.

14. Whack-a-mole!

Handmade whack-a-mole wooden cat toyNo need to travel all the way to the arcade! Let your kitty dabble in the art of Whack-a-mole all day long with this little wooden toy.

15. The Cat-lendar

2024 cat shaped calendarAnd for all you cat lovers out there, spoil yourself with this adorable 2024 cat calendar. A perfect way to ring in the new year!

16. Peppermint Flea & Tick Collar

A red peppermint scented Wondercide Flea & Tick collar is fitted on a white catArmor your pet from annoying little critters with Wondercide’s flea and tick collar in a festive peppermint scent and color so they can enjoy every season in peace!

17. Interactive Butterfly Toy

Compilation of three images of a brown cat playing with a floating butterfly and ball toyThis multifaceted cat distractor comes equipped with interactive butterfly toys, feathers, and an indoor exercise cat kicker.

18. Cat Laser Projector

A beige and white cat plays with a laser projected from a cat shape deviceEntertain your cat without having to lift a finger with this automatic projector that will have your cat leaping onto that laser.

19. Comfy Cat Bed and Tunnel

Two cats lounge and play in a cat bed and tunnel comboThis cozy bed is great for those with a whole litter of kittens. Underneath a fluffy, pillow-like bed is a secret tunnel for more cats to climb inside.

20. Woven Cat Basket

An off white woven basket with a cat face in blackStore all your cat toys in this adorable woven cat basket!

We hope you’ve been inspired by these gifts, whether for your own kitties, or for the cat enthusiast in your life. May these wonderful gifts bring joy to both feline companions and their devoted owners alike!