Whiskers, paws, or creepy crawlers?

Pumpkin carving templates for endearing or eerie jack-o-lanterns

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Two carved pumpkins placed on branches outside

Why do we love Halloween? What is it about this often sugar-filled, jump-scare day that we look forward to all year long? Here at Wondercide, we believe that, at its core, Halloween is a holiday to celebrate creativity with friends and family through decorations, disguises, and desserts. A festive project always brings the family together. This year, we encourage you to channel your craftsmanship skills and we’ve got just the templates to do that.

Is it puppy love or purrfectly feline fun that you’d like on your jack-o-lantern? Or would you like to choose the scary route and carve out a critter to show your disdain for October's creepiest crawlers? Here are templates that you can use to impress your neighbors with a perfect pumpkin carving. Spice up your porch, your kitchen, or wherever you choose to display your carving with a Wonderween theme!

Simply download the template pdf, print out your preferred pages, and carve away! Then share your creations with us! Tag @Wondercide in social (@WondercideATX in TikTok) so we can celebrate together. 

Wondercide pumpkin carving templates dog and cat from behind and profile

Wondercide pumpkin carving templates dog with heart and dog walking

Wondercide pumpkin carving templates cat facing right and left

Wondercide pumpkin carving templates pet paws stacked

Wondercide pumpkin carving templates mosquito and spider

Wondercide pumpkin carving templates wasp and roach

The results are sure to add to your Halloween cheer. Carved pumpkins created using Wondercide Halloween pumpkin carving templates

Carved pumpkins created using Wondercide Halloween pumpkin carving templates