Clever costume ideas for pets and their humans

Unleashing Halloween creativity and smiles

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Pilot pup costume with red cape worn by a tan dog standing in front a prop plane

The season of candy and costumes is quickly approaching, and Wondercide wants to leave no one behind. As we welcome in Halloween, or “Wonderween” as we call it, lets get inspired with some creative costume ideas that are sure to spice up the fall season and put a smile on your face. Plus, dressing your pets in costumes is a fun way to make sure every member of your family has their fashion moment, and it makes for a great photo opp – like pilot pup shown above. Find a similar costume on Amazon.

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Wonderween is one of our favorite times of the year because it’s a great way to get the family together and create fun memories. We’re even hosting a costume contest on social media now through October 31st!

It’s simple to enter: Share a photo of your best Wonderween costume on social using #Wonderween and tagging us @wondercide on Meta, Instagram, Twitter, and Threads or @wondercideatx on TikTok.

Three grand prize winners will take home $175 worth of prizes, including a $100 Amazon gift card and tons of Wondercide goodies, plus ten runners up will win our Wondercide sling bag and two Peppermint bug sprays for pets and people.

2023 Wondercide Wonderween Costume Contest Prizes

Wonderween costume ideas and tips:

Of course, a cute costume is not the only essential item to cover your pet in this Wonderween season. Before you head outside, be sure to prep your family and furry friends with our plant-powered insect repellents so you’re armored against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Use a spray for people in your group, and a collar or spot-on for the pets, plus a spray for pets as an added layer of protection. We want this holiday (and every day) to be as enjoyable as possible!

In tune with eliminating discomfort and staying safe, follow best practices for dress-up with pets. One important consideration: If a costume covers up your pet’s ears, remove that part after the photoshoot for safety and comfort! See the tips we shared during last year’s Wonderween and then get to the fun.

Here are some photos to spur up ideas for your furry family members, a mix of ideas we found and costumes from last year’s Wonderween that our Wonder Pack customers shared.


A white and tan cat with a black bat bowtie on for a catman costumeYour cat might be opposed to a full body costume, as we know how particular these small felines can be, but who could say no to a super suave Batman, or should we say, Catman, bowtie!

Super Dog!

A white dog stands on a skateboard wearing a royal blue superhero halloween costumeIs it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope. It's Super Dog! We know our dogs are superheroes all the time. Help them look like one this Wonderween.

Crabs and Canines

A tan dog with long hair sits by the ocean wearing a red crab costumeA fun way to hold onto the summer season while celebrating a fall holiday. Pics near the sea make it even better. Here's a similar costume on Amazon so you can recreate the salty magic.


A woman and man with their child and dog wearing Pikachu costumesCollaborate as a family to replicate members of your favorite TV show, like this family did with Pokemon!

Pirate Pug

A black pug wears a pirate costume for HalloweenWe dare you to find something cuter than this little pirate hat on this adorable dog.

Dino Dog

A Dachshund dog wearing a green dinosaur costumeFor one night only, dinosaurs will come back from extinction but suddenly look a lot cuter. Good news, this costume is available on Amazon!

Dumbo the Dog

A grey dog dressed in a Dumbo costume with their tongue outWhat’s more fun than dressing an animal as another animal? Remember to keep ears free when the photo opps are done.

Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Two white dogs dressed up as Red Riding Hood charactersMy, what a long nose you have…


A white black and tan cat dressed up as DraculaA cat-isfying take on innovative take on a classic Halloween costume. Find a similar style on Amazon.

Energizer Bunny

A bulldog wears a pink energizer bunny costume with ray ban sunglassesSomething for the dogs that know they’re cool. Proud in pink. But safety first – this kind of outfit should only be for a quick photo, as we don’t want glasses or anything hanging around a pet’s neck.

Bearry Cute

A brown and white dog wears a hand knitted bear costumerGet creative and stitch your own homemade costume!

Don’t forget – for as many trick-or-treaters you find this Halloween, your pet will find fleas and ticks. It’s peak season for these insects too, so protect your animals with some Wondercide products to save them from the swarm!

We can’t wait to see what fun looks you come up with this year. Happy Wonderween, Wonder Pack.