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8 Essential Oils for Dogs

Essential oils must be used as directed and not all can be used topically on pets. The two most important aspects of essential oil safety are purity and proper dilution. Not all essential oils that are safe for dogs are also safe for cats. Please consult a holistic veterinarian before using any new essential oils with your pet.

Essential oils have all kinds of benefits for dogs and humans alike. That's why Wondercide products go beyond their great plant-based scents. They're actually formulated with the purest essential oils that have positive aromatherapeutic benefits for pets and people. While there are tons of different oils that offer everything from relaxation to healing, we narrowed in on eight essential oils for dogs that can work wonders for their well being.
We also talked with essential oils expert Blanca D. In addition to sharing some of her favorite essential oils for dogs, Blanca offered great advice for effectively introducing your pup to essential oils. Like all new experiences for your dog, you should go as slowly as possible when adding essential oils into the routine.
Essential Oils Water Diffuser
Begin by holding a bottle of pet-safe essential oils in your hand with your dog in the same room, allowing them to approach and then smell the actual bottle. Dogs are scent-driven animals, and you don't want to overwhelm them with too much too fast. When your dog is used to the idea of the oil, diffuse the oil with a water diffuser, opting for aromatherapy before you move onto any topical application.      
Blanca advises that it's ideal to begin essential-oil therapy to help your dog feel good, rather than starting a routine when you are trying to resolve an issue. She approaches essential oils with a positive attitude. Blanca explains, "Instead of saying: How do I get my dog to stop being aggressive? Ask yourself: How can I bring my dog more peace and calm?" That's how you will get the most out of essential oils for dogs.

For topical application, some people start with a very small amount of oil applied to the back of the dog's neck. Other methods of application include oil petting and oil spritzing, which are useful approaches once your dog is familiar with essential oils. Some people even add a tiny drop of essential oils into their pets' water for internal benefits. Be sure to chat with your holistic vet about the essential oils you'd like to use on your pet to ensure you are choosing those that are safe for pets and applying them at the correct dilution. With so many oils and methods to choose from, here are 8 essential oils for dogs to get you started:

1. Cedar Oil

Cedar oil (also known as cedarwood oil) is the active ingredient in Wondercide's line of Flea & Tick control products. In addition to repelling pests and killing them when combined with the inactive ingredients in Wondercide, cedarwood has a relaxing effect on dogs and supports healthy skin. It can be used effectively for pets in a water diffuser to calm them. If your dog acts a little sleepy when you apply Flea & Tick Pets + Home to the skin and coat, it's a response to the aromatherapeutic quality of the cedar essential oils.


2. Lavender Oil

Lavender, found in our Skin Tonic spray, is an excellent starter oil for dogs that are new to essential oils. It is considered one of the most versatile essential oils, creating a sense of peace and harmony and offering a calming effect for dogs (and you, too!). Blanca suggests using the purest lavender oil any time your dog will be in a stressful situation (like travel or a trip to the vet) and while training them to quell their hyperactivity.

3. Lemongrass Oil

If you've ever used Wondercide's Lemongrass Flea & Tick Pets + Home, you've already experienced the benefits of lemongrass essential oils. There's just a small amount of the oil in our products to create that very pleasant citrus smell, but it is actually off-putting to fleas and ticks and can improve the condition of your dog's skin as well.

4. Citronella Oil

Another insect-repelling essential oil, citronella can be found in our Geranium shampoo bar for pets. Diffuse oil instead of using those store-bought citronella candles, and wash your dog with our shampoo bar for added anti-flea-and-tick power.

5. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is a less potent oil used in many aspects of pet care, from wound care to behavior improvement to antibacterial healing. It's a great all-around oil to use with your dogs. Blanca explains that Frankincense quiets the mind and that Egyptians once used the ancient oil in mummification in order to elevate the spirit.

6. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a great reliever when dogs are overheated. It can be used on long hikes and added (in a tiny quantity) to drinking water for internal cooling. As an analgesic, it can be used for acute injury as well. Love peppermint? You'll love our Flea & Tick Pets + Home Peppermint spray. So refreshing!

Penney Lane the chihuahua7. Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Blue Tansy, Orange & Patchouli Oil Blend (Peace & Calming)

Peace & Calming is an essential oil blend that Blanca used successfully with her most recent dog Penney Lane, a chihuahua mix. Penney was a hyperactive dog who benefitted from the relaxing qualities of this oil blend. It's meant to be used for fear, anxiety, behavior issues, car rides, and excitement. Like lavender oil, it can be used in any times of stress and in new environments to help build your dog's confidence. It is useful when diffused or applied to something close to your dog, like their collar, blanket, or toys.

8. Spruce, Blue Tansy, Frankincense & RosewoodBlend (Valor)

Blanca also suggests the essential oil blend Valor, which helps with fear, behavior, and training. It can also aid in the healing of skin masses, itching, allergies, and infections. Try it in a diffuser, on your pup's collar or with topical application.

**Note: Essential oils must be used as directed and not all can be used topically on pets. The two most important aspects of essential oil safety are purity and proper dilution. Not all essential oils that are safe for dogs are also safe for cats. Please consult a holistic veterinarian before using any new essential oils with your pet.

** About Blanca D.: Blanca has a Master's in Education and a Bachelor's in Comparative Linguistics. She turned to whole food nutrition after a bout with cancer in the mid-'80s. She eventually used this newfound knowledge to switch careers and to become a therapeutic-grade essential oils expert, which she has done for the past 20 years. Her studies have included everything from studying Chinese herbal medicine to Live Cell Microscopy. Through her work with live blood analysis, she awakened to the powerful healing capabilities of organic herbs and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Her subsequent focus has been on the study of herbal remedies and aromatherapy for transforming the physical, spiritual, and emotional body.

"My life has been about educating people on the purest essential oils. They use no synthetics. They're unadulterated with the same properties of the plants they came from. Plants exude oil to protect themselves and help themselves grow. The essential oils have compounds that help us emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Essential oils are the life source of the plant. In my practice, I believe in treating the whole body. If you're having stomach problems, tell me about your stress. Changing the body's beliefs is important for improving your health. And it's the same thing for your pets. If your dog has the feeling that everyone with a hat is going to hurt him, then you need to rewire his brain so he doesn't attach to that past trauma. Feed them proper food. Give them enough exercise. Use the right (highest-quality) essential oils. We don't only have to be loving and caring but must be mentors to our pets. They learn from us and in turn, we are able to learn so much from them."


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