Fall’s hide-and-seek game, but with bugs

Where critters are hiding and how to deal with them

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A woman with a bun in her hair find a black and white cat under a white sheet

It’s bug season, and we don’t just mean the flu! Lurking in the shadows, creeping in the kitchen, crawling in your closet, and rustling in the bushes are some of nature’s nastiest, most unpleasant creatures: insects. Sometimes, finding these creepy crawlers is like playing an unwanted game of hide-and-seek. At Wondercide, we are making it our mission to prevent these pests from ruining this wonderful time of year. Let’s break down what insects are out and about these fall months, where they’ll be hiding, and how to ensure that they don’t invade your personal space.


Unfortunately for us and our pets, as the temperatures drop, the chances of running into these little pests can rise. Fleas thrive in the cooler weather and in the rain, which is why fall seems to be their favorite season. Not to mention, animals are more active during these months because they have an easier time regulating their body temperature, so fleas have more prey to work with.

Where are they hiding?

Fleas like to burrow in moist, shadowy areas such as shrubbery and leaf piles. Now, don’t panic, but there are probably fleas bouncing around the mound of leaves your children were just playing in. Holes in your backyard, plants, trees, you name it. Flea infested! Inside the home, fleas like to spend time on pet beds, carpets, human beds, blankets, shoes, clothing, or anything that’s touched a flea-infested area recently. These vampire bugs feed off of animal blood, so once they’ve dug their teeth into your pet, they will stay awhile and start laying eggs in their fur.

How can you prevent flea infestation?

Luckily, this is not a problem without a cure. Start in the yard and take care of fleas at the source with a plant-powered spray that works. Use one of Wondercide’s Flea & Tick sprays before or after your pet’s been infiltrated with fleas. This spray can be applied to your animals and your home, providing flea protection and a pleasant aroma of either cedarwood, rosemary, lemongrass, or peppermint.

If you’ve already found fleas on your pet, in addition to the spray, apply some of Wondercide’s Flea & Tick Shampoo while giving them a nice bath to get rid of these nasty pests. Another surefire way to armor your cat or dog from these annoying critters is a Flea & Tick Collar made for pets over four months old. It adds a layer of repellency against fleas. Not a collar fan? A spot on can be used instead to add a layer of protection.


Similar to fleas, these bloodsuckers are on the prowl all season. Contrary to popular belief, colder temperatures don’t mean you won’t find ticks. Ticks can still thrive in the cold and many areas of our country are experiencing warmer temperatures year-round which has made tick season year-round too. Ticks can be hazardous, and not only because they’re super creepy. So, it’s important to do all we can to evade these annoying bugs.

Where will you find ticks?

We’re sure you’ve been there before. You enjoy a long stroll with your pup in the woods, only to come home and find ticks hidden throughout their fur and maybe on yourself. So, you already know ticks love to lurk in the woods, specifically on plants, shrubbery, and tall grass. If these are things you can find in your own yard, you’re at a higher risk of stumbling upon these little critters. In addition, you’ll find ticks right alongside the fleas that are hiding in the leaf piles you’ve made, as well as patches of moist leaves on the ground.

How can you prevent tick infestation?

Wondercide’s tick spray for pets and home works wonders if used as directed and this yard spray will take care of ticks at the source. You can also use a collar or spot on to repel ticks.

Fruit Flies

Raise your hand if you hate fruit flies. You’re not alone. These annoying little pests are extremely difficult to swat away and incredibly annoying. While you might think of fruit flies as a summer problem, you’ll still encounter plenty in the fall and even in the winter.

Where will you find fruit flies?

These greedy winged insects love to swarm around any fruit you might have out on the counter, hence their name. And like the rest of us, fruit flies enjoy a nice Pinot Grigio after a long day at work, so you’ll probably find them around open glasses or bottles of wine.

How can you prevent fruit fly infestation?

Apart from concealing any exposed wine or fruit in your home, fruit flies can be taken care of with Wondercide’s Fruit Fly Trap. Different from a regular fly trap, this solution is specific to fruit flies as the canister contains a starchy, yeasty mixture that attracts the fruit flies and traps them inside where they drown. If you want to keep things off your countertops, try Flying Insect Trap. Just plug it in and let it work.

Ants and Roaches

What’s the last thing you wanna deal with while you’re preparing a meal or retrieving a midnight snack from the fridge? Ants and roaches! These creepy crawlers are not only annoying to get rid of, but terrifying to stumble upon. Luckily, we can help with that.

Where will you find ants and roaches?

These pesky critters can show up anywhere you might have left out food. If you leave a sandwich on the counter for a while or spill a drink on the carpet and forget to clean it, there might be an ant or roach problem in store for you. Ants will build their colonies outside in the dirt, but hunt and gather from wherever they can go. Both ants and roaches can squeeze into small spaces and find their way inside. Plus, ants and roaches come inside for more than food, they also search out water. Even a drop of water left in the sink can attract these bugs. Nowhere in your home is safe.

How can you prevent an ant and roach infestation?

It’s always important to keep a clean home with no crumbs or food scraps laying around. This will lessen your chances of encountering a parade of ants or curious cockroaches, but not diminish the chances entirely. Keep Wondercide Ant & Roach Spray on hand to further ensure that nobody touches your food but you.

Wasps and Yellow Jackets

Wasps and yellow jackets are part of the family of insects that trick us into thinking they’re only out in the warmer seasons. However, these creepy stingers actually get more aggressive in the fall because they switch to survival mode so they can withstand the colder months. Nobody wants these insects around their home, much less threatening pets or kids.

Where will you find wasps and yellow jackets?
Unfortunately, wasps often set up their nets on and around people’s homes. The proximity makes it a hazard for the whole family.

How can you prevent wasp and yellow jacket infestation?

We’ve got you covered! With this plant-powered Wasp & Hornet spray, you can kill wasps up to 15’ away. It’s a great way to eliminate the chances of being stung, and the spray is safe around people and pets. Eliminate food sources for wasps by keeping your yard tidy and using a plant-powered pest control spray.

In the intricate game of hide and seek that is fall’s insect invasion, the key to victory is in understanding the strategies of these miniature adversaries so the actions you take will take care of the problem.