How to please the plant people in your life

A Valentine’s Day gift guide for plant lovers

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Wondercide Valentine's Day gift guide for plant lovers

Are you looking to grow a relationship with a plant parent? Are you head aloe-ver heels for someone? Lettuce help you. For the holiday of love, a great way to show that special green-thumbed someone how much you care and understand them is to gift them with something plant-themed – even beyond a plant itself. If you aren’t as well-versed in the gardening world as your greenhouse companions, you might have some trouble picking out the perfect present. It’s okay, romaine calm, we’ve got you.

To celebrate our fifteenth anniversary at Wondercide we gathered a gift guide of 15 nifty items to bring out the Cupid in everyone. Our goal: Make this Valentine’s Day a special one for our plant enthusiast friends. Maybe it will encourage you to start an indoor plant trend in your home and dabble in the realm of vegetation. So share the love this holiday with your green-loving friends the best way you can- with plants! We’re rooting for you!

1. A gorgeous watering can that you can leave out in your home

A cream colored watering can with a wood handle watering plantsTheir plants surely look gorgeous. Their watering can can, too.

2. Grow your culinary herbs indoors, hydroponically

Hydroponic Herb Seed Pod Kit and Indoor Garden with growing green plantsThis could become the next essential kitchen appliance. Cultivating culinary herbs with this hydroponic indoor garden? Yes, please.

3. Banish bugs with Wondercide’s Flying Insect Trap

Wondercide flying insect trap plugged into the wall next to three potted succulents in terra cotta plantersUnfortunately, along with a plant collection, can be a collection of bugs. This Flying Insect Trap will prevent unwanted intruders like gnats, fruit flies, mosquitoes, and moths from swarming the home by luring them in with a Blu-V™ light and then capturing them on sticky adhesive cartridge traps. These traps are pet and people-friendly and use zero chemical insecticides. Plus, there’s no mess or odor.

4. Humorous plant-loving coasters

A set of plant humor cork drink coastersPlant humor is peak comedy. Allow your floral friends to entertain their party guests with these quippy coasters.

5. Succulent studs

Tiny mint green succulent earringsFashion that doesn’t suc-culent. Green thumb, meet green ears.

6. Plant parent coloring book

Plant parent coloring bookFor your flora friends who are looking to grow their art skills as well as their indoor plant knowledge, this is the perfect gift. This coloring book provides facts and information about popular indoor plants and how to care for them through playful designs and sketches.

7. Green plant and cat embroidery kit

A set of cat and plant embroidery circlesThese potted plant and cat embroidery kits are the perfect artsy craft for a friend who wants to express their love for all things indoor shrubbery and felines.

8. Succulent magnets

A set of three succulent magnetsA perfect symbol of how you’re being pulled toward that special someone this Valentine’s Day. These cute little succulent magnets make for a quirky fridge decoration that a true plant parent can’t go without.

9. Leaf pillows

A colorful abstract botanical pillow from West ElmYou won’t be-leaf how comfortable these pillows are! And beautiful!

10. Sock it to them, with plant socks

A boxed set of green socks with plant logo on them from Conscious Step

This footwear is the perfect cozy gift to finish out these colder months and each purchase helps plant trees.

11. A mister that’s easy to muster

A glass and brass plat mister from Ikea

This chic spray bottle will turn a simple spritz into a romantic, misty plant shower, plus it won’t break the bank.

12. Sassy plant markers

A set of sassy plant markers from AmazonAdd some spunk to the art of gardening.

13. Perfect pens for plant lovers

A set of green and white plant saying pens from AmazonWhat better to write their love letters to you than with these plant enthusiast pens

14. Hats-off to these hats

A light tan hat with the saying plant person written across the frontAllow your plant pal to show off their proud plant person status with these fitting caps.

15. Propagation vase – because plant lovers always want more plants!

Green glass avocado propagation vase with avocado plantThis beautiful green glass propagation vase is the perfect addition to your plant friend’s indoor greenhouse.

Now you can say you rose to the occasion and came through for your flower-loving friends. We hope your relationship can blossom into something even more special this Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t done well with gift-giving in the past, it’s okay, shrub it off and do better this year! We hope you have a plant-astic Valentine’s Day!