Top 10 terrorizing bugs that bite in the night!

How to guard against these creepy crawlies that could be in your home

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A close up of a mosquito feeding on a human

This Halloween season, prepare for a fright of a different kind, as the spine-tingling creatures that will haunt your nights are not goblins or ghosts, but rather the real-life terrors that lurk in the shadows of your everyday life.

In a recent survey conducted by Wondercide, the most formidable and bothersome insects have been unmasked, revealing a hair-raising lineup of creepy crawlies that are sure to send shivers down your spine. So, as the nights grow longer and the air turns colder, be forewarned: this Halloween, the scariest critters may not be found in haunted houses but right in and around your own home.

10. Fruit Flies

These little light brown pests can drive you mad without even trying. A fruit fly is much smaller than a house fly, with large eyes that can easily spot the basket of tomatoes on your counter. They’re specifically interested in your ripening fruits and vegetables, and worst of all, your wine. Leaving an uncovered wine glass or wine bottle around might just entice these little winged critters into your home.

The same way humans feel inclined to enter a bakery after the smell of freshly baked bread wafts into the street, fruit flies swoop into your kitchen at the scent of fermentation. Like a claw machine at an arcade, you can waste hours swatting and smacking these little guys away to no avail. Solutions: Wondercide’s Fruit Fly Trap. This trap is specifically made for fruit flies as it exudes a starchy and sugary mixture which attracts the flies and catches them.

Close up of fruit flies on a piece of yellow fruit

9. Gnats

In addition to fruit flies, the entire species of tiny flying insects are out and about, anywhere in your home: kitchen, around your plants, everywhere. Gnats were voted the ninth most annoying bug and for good reason. Luckily, these little guys can be taken care of easily with Wondercide’s new Flying Insect Trap. Flying insects like gnats, fruit flies, moths, and mosquitoes are instinctually attracted to the Blu-V™ light. There’s no zaps, mess, or odors with Flying Insect Trap, and it has zero chemical insecticides so you can take care of these little pests once and for all!

A group of gnats stuck on a yellow strip

8. Fleas

Contrary to popular belief, fleas are not specific to animals. They can bite everyone in the family. The vampires of the insect world, fleas feed from human and animal blood. Fleas can leach onto you when you’re walking in the woods, gardening, or even rubbing against any flea infested furniture. Wondercide has a flea solution for the family, pets, home, and yard. Put these little blood suckers in their place, which isn’t yours.

Fleas entangled in white pet hair

7. Moths

Moths might look like butterflies, but they do not share the same springy disposition. These winged creatures have a habit of sneaking into your pantry, closets, and any dark corner of your home, destroying your food and expensive sweaters. Interestingly enough, moths actually consume sources of protein from human clothes. It's sweater season in many parts of the country right now, so it’s important that you use Wondercide’s Cedarwood Indoor Pest Control to prevent moth infestation in your home. The new Flying Insect Trap also takes care of the job, 24/7. Save the sweaters!

A moth eating white fabric

6. Ants

We’ve all been there. You find an abandoned box of crackers in the back of your pantry uncovered, practically leaking a trail of ants all throughout the shelf. It happens to everyone, and sometimes, without clear cause. Luckily, this situation can be avoided with a simple plant-powered spray. This spray will take care of the ant infestation and it’s safe around family, including pets, when used as directed.

Ants feed on bread left out on the table

5. Spiders

They linger in the shadows. They wait for you in the corner of your bedroom, just out of reach. They watch you while you sleep. Will they fall on your head? Or will they scurry onto the ground and hide in a pair of pants you left on the floor? The answer is never desirable. 

A spider crawls on the bed next to the feet of a person laying on top of a red white and blue striped comforter

The unfortunate fact about spiders is that they’re actually beneficial to nature. Spiders balance out the insect ecosystem by controlling other harmful bugs, including cockroaches. They’re definitely the most misunderstood critters in the bug world. So, while it’s okay for you to squash spiders individually, the less harmful solution would be to cut them off at the source, so they can crawl outside unscathed, and you can both go your separate ways.

By using an outdoor mosquito spray, the spiders’ food source, such as mosquitos, ants, and roaches, will be lessened, forcing the spiders to move elsewhere. When you need to kill spiders directly, Indoor Pest Control spray or this Ant & Roach aerosol spray will do the job.

4. Wasps and Hornets

Terrifying, indeed. Nobody wants to feel the pain of these stingers. They love to nest under eaves, near your home, and even in playground equipment. The way to win is to fight back with Wondercide’s Wasp & Hornet Porch + Patio spray which will kill the wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and destroy open faced hives.

A hornet sits on a piece of wood

3. Stink Bugs

These crawlers are everywhere. They’re on your windows, on your porch, and in your kitchen. They often dive-bomb at people. The problem with stink bugs is they have to be dealt with very delicately. You can’t just simply step on one because they’ll release an odor that will immediately make you regret that decision. Stink bugs can be eradicated by Wondercide’s Ant & Roach spray.

A stink bug sits on a green leaf

2. Cockroaches and Ticks

A tie – cockroaches and ticks are voted extremely horrid. Starting with cockroaches, the rats of the insect world, you can eliminate them quickly with Wondercide’s Ant & Roach spray. Cockroaches tend to gravitate towards food crumbs, spills, and even pet food, so it’s important to cockroach-proof your home because those things are pretty unavoidable.

Ticks can latch onto you from plants, trees, and even tall grass. While not all ticks are harmful, it’s still important to avoid these tiny little pests. To protect yourself and your family, use Wondercide’s Insect Repellent made for people. They come in different scents, so choose whichever appeals the most to you! For you furry friends, use this spray or the shampoo to kill the fleas and this collar or spot-on for an added layer of repellent protection.

Close ups of ticks and a cockroach

1. Mosquitoes

We’ve arrived at the number one most voted annoying bug, the mosquito. Mosquitoes feed off the blood of other animals, leaving an itchy bump for you to scratch at for weeks. It’s bugs like these who sneak into your home and linger in the corners, waiting to strike.

Luckily, there is a solution, many in fact. Spray Wondercide’s Mosquito & Fly indoors on the bugs you see, then wipe up the residue and the problem will be taken care of. But don’t stop there. Use this indoor spray that also repels mosquitoes and no more will you wake up with multiple bug bites having no idea how they got there. 

A woman in white clothes and bedding scratches her right arm with her left handTake the protection with you everywhere you go with an Insect Repellent made for the whole family. Be sure to protect your pets as well because they are far from safe when it comes to these little vampire bugs. And of course, if you plan on spending time outside this season, you should spray your yard as well.

Insects really are the silent villains of this Halloween season. Mosquitoes and fleas serve as the real life vampires with their blood sucking tendencies and resiliency if left to proliferate. As for the rest of the bugs, any tiny critter that lurks in the shadows of your home is scary enough for all of us. We hope this list has brought some useful tips on how to survive this era of pests, and allow you to enjoy the “fun spooky” that autumn has to offer.