How to make this the best summer yet

Soak up the sun and enjoy all this season offers

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A Golden Doodle wearing a green harness plays on the beach in tall grasses

It’s time to break out that Slip ‘N Slide and dust off the back porch because summer is here! As the weather gets warmer and the sun gets brighter, we find ourselves gearing up for the longest day of the year. The summer solstice is a timeless phenomenon that allows us to appreciate the changing of the seasons and welcome in the warmest months of the year. The flowers are in full blossom and the birds have all returned for their summer break.

If you’re looking to take advantage of this sunny season, we can offer some tips and ideas to make this summer the best one yet. For pet owners and non-pet owners, we’ve got you covered!

Fun ways to welcome in the summer:

1. Get your garden on

Potted flowers and potting tools on a wooden table

Get those green thumbs ready and grow your own garden! Whether you’re in a floral mood or craving some fresh fruits and vegetables, growing a garden is the perfect way to celebrate nature this season. Planting flowers is an excellent way to make pollinators happy and keep the ecosystem in check while brightening up your yard. Grab some pots and some seeds and get to work!

2. Trails and tails

Hiking is one of the best ways to make the most of the great outdoors. Clear your mind on a serene adventure through the wilderness to experience a level of peace you’ve never known. Wander down a local trail or venture across the country to a National Park. Exercise has been known to reduce stress and bring peace of mind. What better way to get some exercise than by basking in nature while you do it

3. Walking on sunshine

Re-discover your own hometown! Take a walk in a different part of town each day and weigh your options for a new daily routine. Walking is a great way to get your body in motion while enjoying your surroundings. Walk to the local diner or the beach if it’s within your reach. Take your pup for a stroll down the street to get their walking fix in for the day. Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your natural one by walking everywhere you can!

4. Frisbee fun

Tossing the old disk around is a fun way to get some exercise and bond with a friend – furry or human. Dogs are known frisbee enthusiasts and would be thrilled if you played with them this summer. Have a disc golf course nearby? Go for it! You can also buy a disc golf set or create your own in the backyard with simple mesh buckets at varying heights. 

5. Beach brigade

A couple walks a dog on a leash on the beach during the day

Nobody should have to miss out on one of the most special summer paradises; the beach. Whether you migrate down the shore with some friends or take your pup for a leisurely stroll by the water, the beach is the place to be. Not all human beaches allow dogs during the summer season, so check first or ride over to your local dog beach and let your furry friend bond, bath, and beach it up!

6. Picnicking in style

There’s nothing more calming than a quiet day in the park surrounded by snacks, flowers, and fresh air. Grab a blanket and set up camp at your local park to enjoy a warm summer’s day outdoors. Bring a friend or have some solo time soaking up nature.

7. Chilling and grilling

A group of four adults talk outside in a backyard with drinks in hand

Load up that grill with fresh stalks of corn-on-the-cob and any other veggies you can get your hands on. Nothing says summer like a nifty BBQ party between neighbors. Crack open a cold one and relax by the pool to the smell of grilling vegetables and vegan burgers.

8. Bonfire-d up

You’ll definitely be wanting s’more of this after you’ve experienced the beauty of swapping stories and marshmallows by the fire. Set up a pit in your yard and carefully light it up to enjoy a peaceful night by the fire.

9. Camping and glamping

A girl wearing a wide brimmed hat looks out over a lake from her glamping tent

Leaving your sophisticated city or suburb life behind for the weekend and venturing out into the wilderness is a great way to get in touch with nature and appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Whether you pitch a tent or set up in a cabin, camping is perfect for a full-blown wilderness weekend. Camp in style and relax.

Summer bugs to look out for:

With the changing of the season, it’s important to recognize which unwanted guests will be joining us in the yard, by the pool, or wherever we go. The summer is a bug’s time to shine. The warmer months invite all sorts of critters to crawl out of their hiding places and seek out their next victims. So, let’s break down what insects you should be on the lookout for and how to avoid them.

1. Ticks

These stealthy blood suckers like to lurk in the bushes, tall grass, and weeds waiting to latch onto an unknowing traveler. Ticks hide under fur and in dark places on the body so they may be difficult to find. They prey on pets and people.

2. Fleas

Similar to ticks, fleas feed off of the blood of other animals. You may find them in grass and vegetation. These critters like to buzz around relentlessly and are often galavanting in the places where our pets like to frolic and then they hop on for the ride.

3. Mosquitoes

You know them, you hate them. Mosquitoes are the vampires of the flying insect world. They land on your skin to suck your blood while leaving a painfully itchy bite mark. These pesky critters seem to always win. By the time you’ve squashed them, it’s already too late and the damage is done. Mosquitoes lurk in moist, warm areas, which is why the humid summer days are a mosquitoe’s dream.

4. Cockroaches

You might find these creepy crawlers in dark, warm spots in your home such as the basement, bathroom, or kitchen. They like to feed on anything they might find in your home including water, food scraps, garbage, and sometimes other insects.

5. Stink bugs

Their name says it all; these bugs stink! Stink bugs, when feeling threatened, will release an odor as a defense mechanism. These critters are tricky to get rid of because of how risky it can be to touch them and potentially unleash their scent.

6. Fruit flies

We’ve all been there; we’re chopping fruit or enjoying a refreshing glass of wine by an open window, only to be interrupted by the most annoying houseguests. Fruit flies love to buzz around areas where they might find fermenting fruits or vegetables so they can lay their eggs.

7. Moths

These light-lovers are a nuisance and a half. At times, moths feed on clothing material and sometimes poke holes in perfectly good sweaters that have been tucked away in the back of the closet for the summer. Moths also feed on grains and plant material. You may attract a moth friend by leaving a porch light on or leaving a window open at night.

8. Ants

One by one, they come marching in to feed on scraps and infiltrate our homes. Ants are notorious for creeping through tiny cracks in our walls, windows, and doors, and taking over our backyards with little hills of dirt they call home.

What to do about the summer bugs:

So what can you do about the season’s bugs that can cause problems for pets, people, and your home or yard? problem? You don’t have to let these pesky critters ruin your summer fun! There are ways to enjoy summer inside and out without having to be on the constant lookout for creepy crawlers.

A woman watches her dog eat watermelon off a plate with flowers and a bottle of Flea and Tick spray for pets and home from Wondercide sit in the foreground

Armor your pets with Wondercide Flea & Tick Spot On or Collar and layer with Flea & Tick spray. For yourself and your family, reach for Insect Repellent in any of the four fresh scents you’ll love and ticks and mosquitoes will hate.

For mosquitoes, ants, fleas, ticks, fruit flies, roaches, and other bugs in the yard, use Outdoor Pest Control as directed and your backyard will be your summer oasis. Wondercide’s plant-powered sprays work wonders in the war against unwanted insects while the residue is safe for the pollinators and and around the whole family.

Wondercide insect repellent sits on a table in the foreground with a person and camping gear in the background

Bugs inside? Give them the 1-2 punch with Indoor Pest Control to combat common household bugs and the new hands-free Flying Insect Trap that works 24/7 so you can focus on the summer fun. You’ll see results with mosquitos, fruit flies, gnats, and moths.

Summer is an exciting season filled with renewal, refreshments, and relaxation.  This is the season to get outdoors with the family and hit the trails with your favorite furry walking mate. There’s endless amounts of summer fun to be had and we can’t wait! Celebrate the longest day of the year with exciting plans for the remaining summer season. We hope you get outdoors this summer and soak up all the sun you can!