10 fun ways to celebrate National Doggy Date Night

Plan an incredible holiday for the ones you love most

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10 fun ways to celebrate National Doggy Date Night

February 3rd is National Doggy Date Night! Yes, you heard us correctly, there’s a holiday dedicated to spending dedicated time with your pets! It's a perfect way to celebrate the love you have for your fur baby. But this begs the question: how do you plan a date night with your dogs? Do you do something outside or have a night in? Will your dog like the date night you plan? Don't worry, that's why we’re here to help you plan that incredible holiday for the ones you love most.

1. Pull a Betty Crocker

Food brings everyone together, and there’s no better way to celebrate National Doggy Date Night than by baking! If it is your first time making dog treats, we highly recommend you check out this article about creating pumpkin spice biscuits! You can prepare everything in the kitchen together. Maybe turn on some music your pet loves too and talk with each other to catch up.

A fun fact about these treats is that pumpkin is a healthy option for dogs and aids in digestion. But remember yourself, and be sure to bake some cookies or cupcakes filled with goodness to celebrate all the hard work you put in!

2. Create Art

Flexing your creative side is a fulfilling way to spend time with your furry friends. Before buying any art supplies, check that they are non-toxic. You could use your doggos as inspiration as you paint pictures of them playing or sleeping together. Or, you can use pet-safe clay, paint, or ink to have your pups join you in turning their paw prints into works of art. For added cuteness, put their pictures in the frame to show whose paws are whose. Hey, even do your own handprint, then hang yours and your pups’ as a series. Instant gallery. 

Into AI? There are apps out there that can help you put your dog into whatever background you can dream up. One we’re trying out lately is DALLE-E-2 from Open AI. With just a little direction, you’ll be amazed by the images you get back. Here’s two we tried and bet you can do even better.

“Clyde in the style of Andy Warhol’s Marilyns”

“Dusty sitting on a lounge chair on a tropical beach.”

3. Picnic in the park

If you reside in the part of the country where the weather is mild right now, having a picnic would be a fantastic plan for you and your dogs to get some sun and enjoy the day. Because dogs naturally like being outside, a picnic is ideal for them to not feel confined and to be able to run. You can prepare the blanket, relax, and read. Have treats for people and pets, and don’t forget the beverages – water for the dogs, of course.

With a picnic, the options are endless as far as where to host it. A local park is a great place, but your backyard could also work to keep everything close by. To add more sparkle to the atmosphere, you could try hosting the picnic at night, setting up lights, a fire pit, and a tent for everyone to enjoy the stars.

4. Take a hike

The great outdoors is the perfect place for a dog and owner, so why not make an adorable date out of it? You might have your favorite, go-to place to hike, but for doggy date night, how about researching new places to explore? Want to go big? Most National Parks throughout the United States are open to dogs. Acadia National Park has excellent water views, while Red Mountain Park has fun obstacle courses. 

Dogs love to explore in packs, so why not grab a friend or two with their dogs and make it a group date night. Hike, sniff, explore. What an enjoyable, budget-friendly date! Remember to pack Wondercide's Flea & Tick spray.

5. Olympics, at your place

Ready to put your furry pals to the test? Set up an agility course for them to go through and see who can get through it the quickest! There are several different agility courses that you can buy online that are typically under $100. However, suppose you are trying to be cost-efficient. In that case, there are a few ways you can DIY your own agility course with resources like YouTube, WikiHow, and Pinterest; you can easily make one with around $20 in your backyard. So get your dogs ready and have a little Olympic Game day for them!

6. Play, play, play

This is the age-old classic, but who can resist a fun day playing games with your little furry friends? Spending time with your dogs is enough to embrace National Doggy Date Day! This could be a simple game of catch or practicing tricks for treats. If you want to engage more, try hide and seek indoors or outdoors. Does your fur baby like tug-of-war? Grab the rope toy, and go for it.

7. Go on a shopping spree

Speaking of a rope toy, is it about time for new toys? We bet your doggos are saying “YES!” Say hello to your local pet store, bring your pup, and let them pick out new items. You can also try to give them a makeover by buying them new clothes or shoes if you like to put that on your doggy. Remember when dressing your pets though, there are some good guidelines to follow. We outline some of them here. 

You can always shop online since there are so many stores a click away. If you’d like to find a local shop that has toys and Wondercide, check out this store locator.  Shop-away. The pups deserve it!

8. Do a photoshoot

Give in to the trend, if you aren’t already. We’re guilty of selfies and taking cute photos of ourselves, so why not incorporate your dogs? Set up a nice area in your house and backyard and take adorable pictures of your pups, then have one big group photo! Just like photographers use props to get kids to smile, you can use doggy props to help your pups show a big grin on their faces for your photobooks!

Want to go further with your photoshoot? Get a greenscreen, snap your photos, then have fun changing the backgrounds. You and pooch in Paris? On a tropical beach? Anything goes, because you’re in charge of the background. 

Or, here’s an idea: Go big! Hire a professional photographer in your area to capture the moment forever. There are so many talented people out there who will commemorate the special bond you share with your dog.

9. Spa day!

Who doesn’t love getting pampered at a spa? National Doggy Date Night doubles as the perfect spa day. Start with a luxuriating bath with one of Wondercide’s shampoo bars. Your pup will enjoy the rich lather and plant powered ingredients like aloe, neem bark, and shea butter. Each one comes with a natural cedarwood soap holder that smells great too.

If you love peppermint, reach for Wondercide's Flea & Tick Shampoo. It kills and helps repel fleas and ticks. You can enjoy the fact that your doggies and “spa” (bathroom) will smell amazing from the peppermint too. 

The fun doesn't stop there. You can give your hounds an excellent massage after applying Wondercide's Skin Tonic Oil to hot spots, itchy areas, or irritations. The massage will help them relax after a bath and Skin Tonic will leave behind a hint of lavender and lemongrass scent. Snuggle time can double as doggy massage time if you use massage therapy techniques

Post-bath and massage, this is the time to add a new collar. Make it stylish AND functional with Wondercide’s new peppermint Flea and Tick Collar.

The finishing touch? Go ahead and add some bows to your dog’s head if they have enough hair and don’t mind the accessorizing.

10. Give to a noble cause

Celebrate with purpose. We love marking any holiday with doing good, whether volunteering at a shelter or making a donation. Donate or volunteer in honor of your dog. For example, you could donate to The Humane Society of the United States, which tackles domestic and international animal rights, rescuing animals, ending puppy mills, making farms safer and cleaner for livestock animals, and more. 

Are you able to take the day to volunteer, or volunteer on the weekend? Animal shelters welcome volunteers to help fill the gaps in needed services, and what better way to brighten the lives of animals while enriching your own.

Make National Doggy Date Night fun and fulfilling for all involved. We hope this list has given you many ideas to help celebrate your furry babies. If it’s your first time celebrating, just jump into the fun. Whether doing something outside or just staying in, it’s a great way to brighten your little pal’s day and show appreciation to the one who's been there for you all along.