3 Ear Mite Home Remedies You'd Better Not Try!


When our Wonderpups are faced with an unexpected health issue, it's no wonder we want to rid them of the problem as quickly as possible. In some cases, home remedies can save money and work great (like how some have seen success with local honey for pup allergies), but others can be ineffective or even downright dangerous.

One problem dogs may come across is ear mites. Ear mite remedies run the gamut from prescription products to plant-powered solutions,but some people will try a bunch of methods at home instead. While there are about a billion things you should never put in your pets' ears, these are just a few ear mite home remedies we've heard of that would be better off left untried:

Brake fluid Brake fluid is both toxic and corrosive. Have you ever gotten it on your car's paint by mistake? It's not pretty. Now, imagine that same corrosion on the sensitive skin inside your pet's ear! Leave brake fluid to the cars and forget about it for your list of ear mite home remedies.

WD-40 Great for sticky doors, but really not your safest option when it comes to ear mites! Those who've used it seem to focus on the oil aspect, but there are other ingredients in WD-40 and much safer oil options for ears. WD-40 itself knows their product can be used for a multitude of problems, but even they don't suggest spraying it into ears for mites.

Alcohol Alcohol can be extremely drying to skin and even causes allergic reactions in some cases. If you use conventional face products yourself, you may have noticed a growing trend of "alcohol-free" options that promise not to leave your skin cracked and irritated. The skin in ears is even more delicate, so putting alcohol inside pets' ears is not advised.

When it comes to solving the issue of ear mites, ear mite home remedies are not always the way to go. Ideally, you should be using plant-powered products that are safe* for sensitive pet ears and try not to experiment with any potentially dangerous concoctions.

*When used as directed.

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