Why and How to Clean Your Dog's Ears [FAQ]

Free Images.com / Marcel Grotens Q-Tips. Ear drops. Cleansing solutions. People have many ways to clean their ears, but have you ever thought about cleaning your dog's ears? We discuss how to clean your dog's ears and why you should.


See How to Wash Your Dog's Ears

Why You Should Clean Your Dog's Ears

Frequent ear problems may indicate other issues going on inside your dog. This is also the case with food allergies or skin sensitivities, so a dog that has ear problems often has itchy skin, hot spots, or allergies as well. In order to eradicate your dog's discomfort and ailments permanently, you should treat the internal source of your dog's ear problems, not just his symptoms (ear pain). And it can really help to restore the pH balance in your dog's ears.

Dog's ears have an optimal pH balance. When ears are in this optimal pH range, dogs are less likely to get ear infections, yeast infections, or contract ear mites. However, modern commercial food and chemicals can disrupt the pH balance in a dog's ears, so dogs need help restoring this delicate balance.

That's where an alcohol-free ear wash comes in. Ear wash solutions can remove wax and dirt, deodorize ears, reduce painful swelling, prevent ear infections, and restore the ear's pH balance. Most prescription ear wash formulas contain alcohol and preservatives that can dry out a dog's ear and cause pain, so double check the ingredients on the label. Wondercide's All Ears Wash is formulated by a holistic veterinarian and contains no artificial preservatives, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, or alcohol. It has a great minty fragrance that deodorizes your dog's ears while gently cleaning them!

How to Clean Your Dog's Ears

We recommend a gentle, alcohol-free ear wash solution like All Ears Wash. If your dog has ear mites, start with an ear wash, then apply an ear treatment.

To apply the ear wash or treatment drops, gently but firmly hold your dog's head with one hand. We find it's easiest to hold the dog's head against your leg while either sitting or standing next to the dog, depending on their size. Turn her head to one side so you can easily see into the ear canal. Use calm, confident movements to reassure your dog.

Using your opposite hand, squeeze several drops of the ear was solution into the ear canal. Then gently massage the base of her ear for aminute. This ensures the ear drops have completely covered the inner ear. After massaging, allow your dog the chance to shake her head, then wipe away excess drops, dirt, or wax with a cloth or paper towel. You can also use a cotton swap or pad soaked in ear wash solution. Do not use cotton-tipped applicators like Q-tips.

Wash your dog's ears on a routine basis—about as often as you wash your dog (one to two times per month).

Do you prefer visual instructions? Watch the how-to video.

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