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Lemongrass Insect Repellent for Family with Natural Essential Oils

Lemongrass Insect Repellent for Family with Natural Essential Oils

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A plant-powered bug spray that lets you get on with enjoying your day. Insect Repellent kills, repels, and prevents ticks and mosquitoes. It's safe for the whole family when used as directed. Fresh lemongrass scent from natural essential oils. No artificial color or fragrance. Not for sale in Montana.

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Product Facts

Wondercide is proven to work without the conventional ingredients. Our lineup of plant-powered insect repellent sprays come in four fresh scents and harness the power of nature to do the job. Lab-tested to protect your pack from ticks, and mosquitoes. It’s all good.

Designed for
People – all ages
Conventional insect repellents for people
Lab tested and proven to work. Meets the same effectiveness standards required for conventional products.
Kills by contact and repels
Plant powered
Made with steam-distilled natural essential oils
Made without artificial colors, dyes, or fragrance
Made from the parts of plants without pollen
Cruelty free
Safe for use on people of all ages, including babies and kids, when used as directed
USA made with U.S. and global components

Read entire label prior to use and use as directed.


Shake spray well before each use. Spray body including hands, feet, and ankles. Apply by hand to face and neck.


Reapply every hour or as needed. If you love the scent, freshen anytime with a light misting over your body.


Mosquitoes and ticks in the yard? Use Outdoor Pest Control as directed.

On the body
On the face

Peppermint oil has been shown in some studies to reduce natural milk production. If you are pregnant or nursing choose one of our scented Insect Repellent sprays in Cedarwood, Rosemary, or Lemongrass.

Lemongrass has a natural yellow tint and may temporarily discolor light fabrics. Consider another scent if you have light attire.


Made with natural essential oils. No artificial colors, dyes, or fragrances. Phenol-free. Clove-free.

Active Ingredients Percent Source
Cedarwood oil 4.2% Texas and Virginiana cedar trees
Lemongrass oil 1.5% Cymbopogon flexuosus
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 2.2% Coconut and/or palm oil
Sesame Oil 0.1% Sesame seeds

Purified Water
Ethyl lactate
Sodium Chloride
Polyglyceryl oleate
Citric Acid
Vitamin E
Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate

How to recycle

Committed to the planet. Our consciously-formulated products harness the power of nature and wherever possible, we make choices that can reduce impact on the environment, like choosing packing materials that can be recycled.

While the U.S. recycling program has a long way to go, you can make a big difference. Learn what can be recycled in your area, and whether items need to be sorted. On plastic bottles, check the bottom for a number. 1-2 are widely accepted. 4-6 may be accepted. 3 and 7 are generally not recyclable.

Good Questions

Insect Repllent is labeled for use on people, while Flea & Tick Pets + Home has expanded instructions for how to treat pets as well as household surfaces. The ingredients in these two products are the same – they are the same formula. Choose the product with the label instructions to suit your needs to ensure success.

It's best to use Insect Repellent on people and Flea & Tick Pets + Home on your dog or cat so the bottle has the right usage instructions to meet your need.

Yes! Insect Repellent is safe for kids of all ages when used as directed.

The bottle says to apply every hour or as needed. It's the same as with other bug sprays, it's best to re-apply if you're outside for a prolonged amount of time to ensure protection.

They're all equally effective. Choose the scent you love the most or alternate scents to suit your mood or the season.

Insect Repellent should not stain clothes. Lemongrass has a naturally yellow tint that may temporarily discolor white or light fabrics so if you're choosing lighter color clothing, consider one of the other three scents: cedarwood, rosemary, or peppermint.

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