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Swap These 4 Outdoor Products & Ditch the Chemicals


swapblogphoto-outdoorNow that you're a pro on eliminating chemicals found in everyday pet products, it's time to move outdoors. Sadly, toxins in the yard don't just stay there--they transfer to your shoes (which get tracked inside your home and car!), and to your pets and children. Luckily, Wondercide products can be used with no wait time required; simply spray and play! We'll show you how.

?The Problem: Chemical Lawn Care

Let's face it: bugs suck. But even worse than bugs? Conventional pesticides. In fact, of the 30 most commonly used conventional pesticides, 16 are linked to cancer, 17 to endocrine disruption, 21 to reproductive effects, 14 to neurotoxicity, 25 to kidney and liver damage, 26 to irritation and 12 to birth defects. Doesn't sound like a fair trade-off, does it?

✅The Swap: Natural Outdoor Pest Control

Powered by innovative, patent-pending technology that uses essential oil blends to repel and kill pests, Wondercide Outdoor Pest Control is a multi-use, water soluble concentrate that's safe for pets, people, property--and even beneficial bugs like butterflies and bees! The active ingredient, cedar, works by blocking octopamine,which is necessary to regulate heart rate, movement, and metabolism in “bad bugs" like mosquitoes, chiggers, and ants.

?The Problem: Chemical Flea Sprays

Much like chemical lawn care sprays, flea and tick sprays are laced with chemicals that do more harm than good. You're doing everything you can to keep your furry friends safe from invaders like fleas and ticks, but the same treatment could be fatal to dogs and cats. And it's totally unnecessary.

✅The Swap: Flea & Tick Control Yard + Garden

Grab your hose and a bottle of Wondercide's Ready-to-Use Outdoor Flea & Tick Control Yard + Garden and you're ready to kick these pests to the curb. Spray everything from the trees, to shrubs, to the sides of buildings and the lawn. Because Yard + Garden is natural and non-staining, it's safe to spray everywhere. Plus, it smells GREAT! The best part is not only will Wondercide take care of any existinginvaders, it'll also erode the lifecycle, preventing any eggs in the environment from hatching. You can't say that about conventional products!

?The Problem:Granular Insecticides

Conventional pesticide granules might seem like a more viable option, but unfortunately, they're not immune to dangerous chemicals, either! In fact, the granules themselves are simply solids injected with dangerous synthetic insecticidessuch as organophosphates, whichhave also been used as a warfare agent, and are known for their high levels of toxicity.

✅The Swap:Organic Cedar Shavings

Wage war on unwanted pests without the chemicals. Cedar Repellent Shavings have been used for years to deter not only pesky insects, but also scorpions, snakes, raccoons, opossums and other small critters. Great for use in your yard, in potted indoor plants, or even while camping, Cedar Shavings give you peace of mind without the harsh side effects.

?The Problem:DEET and Pyrethrin-based Insect Repellents

Protecting yourself and your family from harmful outdoor pests is just as important as keeping your yard treated. The problem is most bug sprays on the market either contain pyrethrins or DEET, both of which are known toxins. Don't be fooled, just because they're marketed as safe-for-use on humans, the National Institute of Health notes they may cause respiratory issues, stupor, tremors, seizures, nausea, comas and even death.

✅The Swap: Natural Personal Insect Repellent

Made with natural, food-grade ingredients, Wondercide's Personal Insect Repellent is safe for use on children, adults, nursing moms and the elderly! Available in Fresh Cedar, Fresh Lemongrass and Fresh Rosemary scents, there's an option for everyone in the family! Reapply every 3-5 hours, or as needed for optimal protection.

Now that you know how to enjoy the outdoors without unwanted pesky guests, OR unwanted chemicals, tell us how you'll spend your summer outside!

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