Natural Personal Insect Repellent

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REPELS AND PROTECTS. This natural spray repels, eliminates and protects against troublesome insects like mosquitoes, flies, gnats, chiggers, fleas, ticks and more!

SAFE FOR KIDS AND PETS. Made with plant-based ingredients and essential oils, this is safe to use on children and pets of all ages and sizes.

DOES NOT STAIN. That’s right! This won’t stain your clothes, fabrics and furniture. Safely spray on clothing and directly on skin.

DEET FREE. This effective, natural spray contains no deet.

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Powered by essential oils and plant-based ingredients, this formula naturally repels and eliminates insect pests that bite and fly around your family.

Spray on body, including the hands, feet and ankles. Spray in your hand to apply to the face and neck. Repeat as needed.

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