Complete Control Mosquito Kit - How to use

3 Steps to Get Rid of Mosquitoes
with your Complete Control Mosquito Kit

Step 1: Remove stuff mosquitoes love like standing water, leafy debris, uncut grass, and unkept landscaping.

Step 2: Apply two initial treatments of the yard spray 2-10 days apart. If you’re dealing with a TON of mosquitoes, apply the treatments closer together. If your issue is lighter, apply the treatments further apart. After those two treatments, transition to treating once every 4 weeks (with your auto-recurring shipment). It's safe around kids, babies, and pets when used as directed.

Step 3: Before backyard hang-time, spray kids, babies, and adults with your smell-good insect repellent. It's safe to reapply as often as needed when used as directed to keep those mosquitoes away from the fun!