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Effects of Conventional Pesticides & Child Exposures


The effects of conventional pesticides and child exposures are vast. Children are being exposed to conventional pesticides in their homes, yards, day care settings and schools. About one-fourth of the over 1 billion pounds of conventional pesticides used annually in the United States are applied in these settings.

Although conventional pesticides have played a significant role in eliminating diseases and increasing food production, exposure to these chemicals can be harmful to humans.

  • Short or long term exposures are possible through ingestion, skin contact or inhalation.
  • Effects of conventional pesticides can be acute symptoms, which range from headaches, nausea, rashes, respiratory and eye irritation, headaches and in more severe instances burns, paralysis and even death.
  • In addition, scientific studies have linked exposures to cancer, neurotoxicity, birth defects, reproductive disorders, kidney and liver damage.
Many commonly used household products are conventional pesticides. Examples include:
  • cockroach sprays and baits;
  • insect repellents;
  • flea and tick sprays, powders and pet collars;
  • products that attack mold and mildew;
  • bathroom disinfectants;
  • sanitizers; and,
  • lawn and garden products, such as weed killers.
There are non toxic or least toxic alternatives to protect your homes, lawn, children and pets from pests. Visit to learn more about Integrated Pest Management and low impact solutions.
Read the full article: Healthy Child Healthy World, A Doctor's Viewpoint on Pesticides

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