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How to Get Rid of Aphids Naturally

There’s a reason they call aphids “plant lice”. These little buggers do serious damage to plants, and cause major headaches for anyone who tends plants from farmers to hobby gardeners.

Anyone who’s ever done battle with these little bugs will tell you it’s hard to get rid of aphids completely. Why? Well, first of all, they’re asexual. Some species of aphids can reproduce fairly quickly. They multiply like wildfire, and once an aphid finds something tasty in your garden, you can bet other aphids will be hanging around fairly soon. Additionally, aphids carry viruses that can kill plants. Their saliva is highly toxic, so most plants can’t survive an aphid attack.


How Do Aphids Kill Plants?

Aphids suck – literally. They love sap, so they will quite literally suck the life out of your plants. This can cause wilted or yellowing leaves, decreased growth rates, and even death. Because they’re hard to see, gardeners often miss aphids until it’s way too late. It's difficult to get rid of aphids because they’re so hard to see – even if they exist in numbers.


How Do I Get Rid of Aphids?

Many holistic ways to get rid of aphids exist, including mineral oil solutions that suffocate them, introducing predators like ladybugs into the mix, and growing competing plants that poison the aphids.

There are unfortunately setbacks to most of these methods.

  • Spraying oil all over your garden beds has obvious setbacks – mainly, you don’t know how much you can safely spray to fight aphids naturally while maintaining the health of your plants. Many homemade oil sprays can kill your plants.
  • Introducing other insects to get rid of aphids isn’t a bad idea – lady bugs eat the aphids in your lawn and garden right up. You can buy ladybug populations at lawn and garden stores to unleash on your garden.

The problem with ladybugs is this: They don’t kill all the predators in your garden that are larger than they are (including pests like snails). If they go into your home in the winter, you may be surprised to find large amounts of ladybugs in your home. They’re cute, but they can also be annoying and cause breathing problems for some people.

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How Do I Control Aphids?

Honestly, going through all this hassle makes no sense when you could just use products like Exodust and EcoTreat. A simple application on your beds will kill all those pesky aphids – AND with regular use, you can stop aphid populations from coming back as our products interrupt the pheromone cycles of these pests.

You can use as much of our lawn and garden products as you want to without worrying about killing your plants. Our products are safe when used as directed.

They also work as a great companion to introducing ladybugs into your garden to get rid of aphids.

To find out more about Wondercide’s lawn and garden products, including Exodust and EcoTreat, click here!

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