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Home Pest Defense with Plant-Powered Ingredients



I have been reading about your home pest defense products for almost an hour. I live here in Philadelphia. I have a front garden and a back garden with a very small grass area. The house is a typical row home in the city. It's a typical concrete jungle and I do my part to keep a nice green house. I do have a Rottweiler and cats. The pup only goes out with me or for his walks. The cats are indoors only. I have for the past several years had an issue with fleas. The dog has been treated with the topical flea crap from the vet and unfortunately so did the cats. I have a pest control company come every month to spray inside and outside. The problem is none of it is working and I have older cats. I am very concerned with the chemicals that I am giving them. I am very aware of bad reactions they can have. I want to keep my animals safe as well as my family. I want you to tell me what I would need to start off using your flea control products both inside and outside. My husband is being laid off next month so I want to get a jump on this problem while I can afford it and do my best to keep us all safe, happy and organic.

PS. I also have a lot of flowers, vegetables and roses growing so I would like to see an organic pest control method that will keep my bees, butterflies and ladybugs safe but with no plant-eating pests. I hate the aphids and Japanese Beetles. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

- L. Deter


Thank you for contacting Wondercide. We appreciate the detail you have provided about your home and family. It certainly helps when making a recommendation. First, all of our products are made of plant-powered ingredients. They don't contain toxic or harmful ingredients and are wildly effective. The products are also very versatile which sometimes causes a bit of hesitation for some. We hope the following explanation helps.

Outdoor organic pest control

For the lawn, we recommend either the Ready to Use EcoTreat or the EcoTreat Outdoor Pest Control Pro Concentrate. They serve the same purpose but the concentrate is more cost effective when treating on a routine basis becuase it provides for 8 treatments of 5,000 sq ft. Both are applied with a hose end sprayer. PRO can also be used indoors for routine pest control in any applicator you chose (spray bottle, pump up sprayer, back pack sprayer, etc)

Kill fleas inside

For an existing indoor flea problem, we recommend knocking it out once and for all with BioDefense contact insecticide. It kills the eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. It should be applied to every sq ft of the property, all furniture, flooring, etc. This can be applied with a hand sprayer or an ultra low volume fogger. We offer them for sale or most home depot's rent them by the day (as a mold remediation fogger but its the exact same fogger). You should also treat the dog(s) and cat(s) with EVOLV when you treat the lawn and house.

At first read it may seem like an overwhelming process, but it's really very simple and doesn't take long. We recommend the following steps for initial treatment, but because the products are safe and effective when used as directed, you can use them how and when you want or need to. A first time thorough treatment followed by routine 4-6 week follow up is the best protocol we've experienced.

1)EVOLV- Spray Dogs & Cats 2)BioDefense- Fog or Spray home 3)EcoTreat Outdoor Pest Control RTU or PRO- Lawn, Garden, home exterior, all outside property

Ongoing: 1) Flea & Tick Pets & Home or BioDefense- use 1-2 tmes a week on animals, pet bedding, spot treatments, or as needed 2) EcoTreat Outdoor Pest Control PRO- Outside every 30 days, Inside every 4-6 weeks for routine maintenance. Can be used more often, especially in garden for seasonal pests as needed. This is an area that is watered frequently so a spray bottle to repeat application is handy.

When this general protocol is followed, you will be able to enjoy a pest and toxin free home with your family. To make it easier to get started, we offer a home pest defense package that includes everything you need for the initial treatment and routine follow ups for months to come. The home pest defense package is priced at a bulk discount and costs less than 1 professional pest control treatment for a flea infestation. Order Wondercide today to treat or prevent insects!

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