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National Poison Prevention Week

file.png Poison Prevention WeekSince 1961, the 3rd week of March has been National Poison Prevention week, instatedto warn the American public about the risks of unintentional poisonings and how best to prevent them. So, this Sunday, March 15th, we're spreading the word about poisons you may not be aware of and helping you kick 'em to the curb before they cause any more damage.

What are these poisons?

Most everybody has some sort of toxins laying around the house or used in their daily lives. One of the biggest toxic offenders is conventional pesticides, which we use in our homes, on our lawns–even on our pets! Here are some of the places conventional pesticides may be poisoning your family: Pesticides are Poisonous

Poisonous conventional pesticides indoors

When you hire a pest control company (or your landlord does) to eliminate or prevent infestations in your home, the mainstream companies are spraying conventional pesticides throughout your living space – toxins that can cause both immediate poisoning and long term health problems. Even the commercial DIY sprays used to kill flying insects can be a major offender for accidental poisonings.

Conventional pesticides outside

Using insecticides in your yard doesn't only kill insects – it can have adverse reactions for your family as well. Residential use can go way overboard compared to agricultural use, and places like public parks also douse their grass in these chemicals.

Accidentally poisoning the ones youlove

Using DEET bug spray or applying monthly spot drops (or giving flea & tick pills) to your pets? Then you're actually using conventional pesticides on your human and animal family members. Both these products are chock full of warnings about side effects and can be catastrophic for long-term health.

Prevent accidental poisonings by usingWondercide!

Now that we've outlined the different ways conventional pesticides can be involved in accidental poisonings, here's how to prevent these problems in the first place: don't use them! Instead, use provenproducts like Wondercide, which eliminates pest problems as well as fleas & ticks without relying onthose harmful toxins.

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