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The Truth about Toxins: What is Glyphosate?


What is Glyphosate? If you have a TV or access to the internet you have heard the name. Still don't know what Glyphosate is? Don't worry here are some Glyphosate FAQ's!

Q: What is Glyphosate?

What is Glyphosate A: Glyphosate is a herbicide (plant growth regulator) used in food and non-food crops.When Glyphosate is used as a commercial herbicide it is combined with surfactants (reduces surface tension of water in low concentrations) and other ingredients to enhance its effectiveness at killing weeds, thus becoming more toxic.

Q: How are humans exposed to Glyphosate?

A: Humans are exposed to Glyphosate in a number of ways. Farmers and their families are exposed to Glyphosate during the application process. People living in the surrounding areas of these farms are exposed in the herbicide run off process. From the herbicide runoff process Glyphosate enters water sources and makes its way into drinking water.

If you live in a residential area and your neighbors use products like Roundup, where the active ingredient is Glyphosate, on their lawn or the sidewalk your family is at risk for exposure. This means when your pets walk on the pavement treated with Glyphosate and lick their paws, they are ingesting a toxic herbicide. The same goes for your children playing with sidewalk chalk or walking barefoot over to a neighbors home.

Q: What are the health effects of drinking glyphosate?

A:People consuming excessive amounts of glyphosate via drinking water experience kidney related illnesses, kidney failure and reproductive difficulties.

Q: How do I learn more about my drinking water?

A: Reach out to your water utility company and request a quality report. From there speak with your utility regulator (if applicable) about excessive amounts of toxins in your water. Tell your neighbors, call your local elected authorities!


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