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3 Ways to Help Save the Bees!


You've probably heard of colony collapse disorder or vanishing bee syndrome and are aware that the bee population is declining rapidly and dangerously, but did you know that you can help to save the bees?

Here are 3 ways to save the bees:

1.Be a good host

You can plant bee-friendly foliage in your yard, like lavender, mint, rosemary, or honeysuckle to support the bees that visit your garden. If a bee is in need, help whenever you can! That means scooping them out of the pool to dry land in the summer and offering them water when they get thirsty – a bird bath can make for a good water source, or you can even feed one by hand if you find it in distress.

2.Stop using chemical pesticides

If you thinking helping a single bee feels good, try helping entire colonies by kicking chemical pesticides to the curb. While chemical pesticides are used in people's yards and gardens to get rid of bad bugs, the toxins don't discriminate and end up killing beneficial insects, too. The chemicals can get into pollen and nectar, which damages bee colonies and eventually also gets into the honey that people eat, too. Even when pesticides don't kill bees directly, they can cause other harmful symptoms like a weakened immune system or worsened ability to find food. Entire colonies of bees are being wiped out, and we're losing them at up to a 30% population decline per year. Switching to natural pest control is safer for your family, and it's safer for the bees, too. Since 75% of US households use pesticides (according to the EPA), it stands to reason that if every one of those swapped out their products for Wondercide, we could make some moves in the mission to save the bees.

3.Support local organic farms & beekeepers

When you find a local source for meat (if you eat it), produce, and honey, you're supporting real people instead of Big Ag, and you can actually see where your food is coming from and how it gets produced.Many of your local farmers and beekeepers will actually have organic practices but won't be able to get USDA certified for various reasons. For instance, certification can be prohibitively pricey for small farmers and there aren't organic contractors available for processing meat in every geographic area.

When you support local organic farmers, you'retaking a stand against theuse of harmful chemical pesticides, even beyond your own backyard! Here at Wondercide, we think it's super important to show our farms and beekeepers that we care about them! That's why we recently "adopted a beehive" from Austin Honey Company, who lost a bunch of hives in the recent floods. If you'd like to join us in supporting them, you can adopt a hive, too!


Whether you're able to save one bee or a thousand, it's important that we are all conscious of the rapidly vanishing bee population and doing everything in our power to turn things around for the better. Let us know in the comments, what willyou do to help save the bees?

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