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5 Ways You Can Honor the Earth this Earth Day

5 Ways You Can Honor the Earth this Earth Day

Hey planet Earth - just dropping in to say how much we love you!

Earth Day is kind of a big deal here at Wondercide®, and we pride ourselves on creating products that are powered by ingredients derived from Mother Nature. 

As a busy mom of three girls looking for cooking and life hacks, it can seem near impossible to find the time to show the Earth some love, much less my Pack. So let’s keep it easy. Here are five simple and totally doable things we can all do to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

5 Ways You Can Honor the Earth:

Water Bottles

  1. Take your water with you to the park in your own reusable bottle. Yes, it’s easier to grab a few plastic water bottles on your way out the door, but this is a great way to teach your littles to be responsible for the environment. Each of my girls has their own reusable bottle, which they fill up before heading out to school, the park, or our next adventure. We love Kleen Kanteen, Takeya, and Simple Modern stainless steel water bottles (all available at your local Target store).

    Reusable Containers

  2. Pack your kiddo’s snacks and lunches in reusable containers instead of single-use plastic baggies. This is a big one, y’all! Single-use plastics are a huge pollution problem, and they’re a danger to ocean wildlife. Thousands of animals are killed by ingestion or entanglement in plastic bags every year. We use BPA-free bento boxes for lunch (like this one from Bentgo) and recycled snack containers made from milk jugs (I love Re-Play).

    Get Gardening

  3. Get Gardening! My absolute favorite way to celebrate Earth Day every day is by gardening. By getting my hands dirty and planting some flowers and veggies, I know I’m doing my part in helping create a more sustainable future. Planting trees and flowers can help improve air quality, and growing your own food can help to reduce your carbon footprint. Gardening is also a fun and creative activity that the whole fam can enjoy, and it’s a great way to get the kids outside. You’ll be able to enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your labor all season long. So get out there and get dirty!

  4. We’re all guilty of it. Clutter seems to breed in my house and car. Recycling is one way to declutter and give back to the environment. One thing we love to recycle is our Wondercide® bottles. They’re made with HDPE plastic which is among the easiest for facilities to recycle.

    As my kids lose interest in toys, we collect and donate them to places like Goodwill or pass them on to friends. My girls are constantly growing out of their clothes and shoes - some of these become hand-me-downs, and others we take to H&M, which has a cutting-edge clothing recycling program. Just take your clothes to your nearest store, and they’ll give you a coupon for a future purchase in exchange for your old clothes. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

    Amazon boxes taking up space in your garage? Break them down and recycle them too. I’m guilty of letting these pile up. True story, last year, we couldn’t park in the garage for several months because the box situation got a little bit out of hand. By recycling, you’re not only decluttering your home, but you’re also helping the environment. It’s a win-win, so let’s all do our part.

  5. This is an easy one, BYOB. Bring your own bag to the grocery store, or, if you’re a Target Drive Up junkie like me, you can reuse those plastic bags as trash bags. Landfills are filling up with our waste, and much of that waste is single-use plastic items like plastic bags, straws, containers, and disposable utensils. According to data collected from more than 5,000 dives, 89 % of the plastic in the ocean is single-use plastic. So bring your own bags to the store, reuse them as trash bags, and be more mindful of the disposable items you use.

    Another tip: If you have a yard and treat it with one of the ready-to-use Wondercide yard sprays, you can refill it with a concentrate and reduce single use plastics big time. The refills come in sizes up to a gallon which gives you another 16 uses of that ready-to-use sprayer.

Tell us your favorite ways to help the planet! We’d love to hear about them in the comments. 

Rachel’s Bio:

Hi! I’m Rachel. Born and raised in California, I’m the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants. I love all things health and wellness and am always hunting for my next favorite coffee roaster. When I’m not exploring the great outdoors, you can find me at the beach – my happy place!

I have a soft spot for plants (Fun Fact: I have over 30 house plants!) and recently started dabbling in hydroponic gardening.

I’m a former military wife; I married my bestie, Joe, at 19. Sixteen years later, we have three beautiful and sassy daughters, ages 3, 6, and almost 9, and three wild pups: Lucy the Pug (14 years old), Teddy the Retriever (9 months old), and Papaya the Schnoodle (1 year old). Animals are my jam--I dreamed of being a veterinarian as a child!

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