7 Tips for Your Yard this Spring

7 Tips for Your Yard this Spring

Hey friends, Em here with some helpful nuggets of knowledge to help you get your yard ready for spring hangouts with your favorite pets and people. 

Bugs like mosquitoes, ants, fleas, and ticks are not only relentless, they can ruin quality time with your Pack. So get ahead of them this year. It's doable… I promise. Plus, making your yard a place of haven, peace, and fun is just… well… joyful. And we could all use some joy this year, ay?

Spring is coming, so there’s no time to waste: Follow these seven steps and you’ll be kicking back with your favorite beverage and a smile on your face in no time.

Step 1: Remove stuff bugs love like: 

  • Standing water
  • Leafy debris
  • Have a bird bath? Replace its water every few days.
  • Have a pool or pond? Keep the water clean, treated, and filtered.

Step 2: Keep grass short and landscaping in check

Bugs love super-tall grass and unkept landscaping. So make sure to keep landscaping areas as manicured as possible. Not into landscaping? I feel you as that’s how I am. Think about xeriscaping or zeros-caping? 

Step 3: Put into action a battle plan that does't give bugs a chance

Did you know?! Wondercide yard sprays are safe around all the things we love like pets and the whole family when used as directed.

First, figure out about how large your yard is (e.g. 6,000 sq. ft.) and then determine which spray works best for you. We have four options based on bug problem and whether or not you want to use a ready-to-use or concentrate:

For families without pets with a mosquito and/or ant problem:

Ready-to-Use Outdoor Mosquito Spray 

Great for small to average-size yards (one bottle covers 5,000 sq. ft.). Ships straight to your door ready to spray. Just screw on to your hose and you’re good to go!

Great to use as a sprayer if you buy concentrate. Simply fill the empty ready-to-use bottle with 8–10 oz. of concentrate, fill the rest with warm water, and shake – it’s this easy. Takes about 20 minutes or less from start to finish for small to average-size yards

Watch Wondercide SuperMom Stephanie use it >

Outdoor Mosquito Concentrate 

Perfect for those looking for more flexibility to dial up or down the strength of the solution. If you’re dealing with a super-challenging infestation, you can easily increase the dilution strength to 8 oz. or even 10 oz. Strength recommended is 8, so consider 10oz, or even 12 oz.

Comes in three sizes so you can choose which one works best for you. 16 oz. treats up to 10,000 sq. ft, 32 oz. treats up to 20,000 sq. ft., and 128 oz. treats up to 80,000 sq. ft

Have enough concentrate on hand for two treatments if you're just starting out and enough for full coverage once if you're in the keep-control phase. You can save money by using our Subscribe and Save option!

We recommend using a dial hose-end sprayer with concentrate. Wondercide concentrate bottles do not come with a sprayer, and you can easily find one like this online via many sources like Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and so on. Tip reminder: The ready-to-use bottle mentioned above works great as a sprayer option to refill and use, too.

Once you’ve mixed the solution and have your sprayer hooked up, it takes about 20 minutes or less for small to average-size yards.

One more time: it’s great for refilling a ready-to-use bottle :)

Check out Wondercide SuperMom Stephanie’s top tips >

For pet parents: 

  1. Ready-to-Use Flea & Tick for Yard + Garden
  2. Flea & Tick for Yard + Garden Concentrate

NOTE: Same exact instructions on how to use as the above mosquito sprays.

Now that you’ve chosen which works for you, let’s get started:

Apply two initial treatments 2-10 days apart. What does that mean? If you’re dealing with a TON of bugs, apply the two treatments closer together. If you’re only seeing a few bugs here and there, apply the two treatments further apart.

Make sure you're covering your yard fully each time and ALL outdoor areas (decks, porches, patios, fences, outdoor furniture, trees, plants, gardens, bushes). Once you gain control, you can transition to treating about once every 30–45 days depending on the pest pressure in your area. Some customers use weekly, some use monthly – the key is to find what works for you. The great thing about Wondercide sprays for yards is they’re safe to use as often as needed when used as directed.

Step 4: For the family, layer with Insect Repellent

Insect Repellent for Kids + Family

Spray on your skin and clothing. Make sure to spray hands, feet and ankles. Spray in your hand to apply to the face and neck. For those long hours outside, reapply this safe bug spray as often as needed when used as directed. Check out the 4 amazing scents here. And one more bonus: this mosquito repellent also works great as a tick repellent.

Step 5: For pets, reach for Flea & Tick Pets + Home

Flea & Tick Spray for Pets
Rub your pet’s coat in the opposite direction of growth, spray, and rub in. Spray the body, legs, tail, belly and armpits. Spritz into your hands to rub onto your pet's ears and face. Avoid spraying in mouth, nose and eyes. Do not soak your pet. Full coverage will ensure best results. The spray kills by contact when wet, repels when dry.


Dog parents:

Apply every 2-3 days and before visiting untreated areas. Repeat as needed to kill and repel fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Pest pressure differs by geography, so you might find you use it more or less frequently. Here’s me showing ya how to do it >

Cat parents: 

Same as Doggo tips above with a few special cat steps: Since cats are more sensitive by nature, we recommend a test spray an hour before a full treatment and suggest using the 4 oz. size for a finer mist. If your cat is fearful of spray bottles, spray into your hands and massage on to your cat. How-to video for cats >

Step 6: Did someone say jazz it up?

Have some fun making your yard your own oasis! Depending on what YOU and your Pack love, there are all sorts of things to consider. Here is a list below to get you thinking:

Step 7: Make it a year-round routine

Just because you might not see as many bugs around when the weather is cooler does not mean you should stop your routine! Keep it up throughout the year. With decades of customers’ feedback and our own team’s testing, treating year-round is proven to result in the best case scenario come spring and summer. Get started today! 

outdoor pest spray for fleas and ticks


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