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Wondercide's Real Reviews: Best Flea Killer


Here at Wondercide, we already know how well our powerful natural products work! Whether you're looking for non-toxic flea & tick controlfor your pets or safe pest control options, we've got you covered. But, we also know that real reviews from real peopleare worth way more than anything we tell you about ourselves. With that in mind, today we're sharing a few words from one of our wonderful Wondercide customers:

"You should have seen me when I was first trying it! I was used to spraying the dogs and watching the fleas hop off, squirm and climb on me, and do any number of Olympic things. I squirted the dog's feet.

They didn't do anything – didn't move...hmm...strange.I came back out, and they were still exactly on the dog where I squirted them. 'Well darn, it didn't work!' I thought. Then I looked at them, and they were dead!

So Icame in and got an empty margarine container and just lightly misted it. I went back outside and (finding fleas is no problem since they are climbing up your legs very quickly) caught a couple and dropped them into the margarine container. Wow! Not even a twitch. So, I collected more and continued killing them with Wondercide!

I'm standing in the front yard staring into this margarine container, giggling madly. Someone came down the sidewalk and stared at this crazy lady, and I held out the container and said 'THEY'RE DEAD,' grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Then I figured I'd better go inside before the men with the white coats came. Iwent straight to the phone and opened myemail, and I starting raving about actually killing them.

Every day my friends would say, 'What are you spraying with today? Are they dead yet?'And I'm one of these people that has a cabinet full of herbs and stuff that I try and treat everyone with instead of resorting to so many synthetic things. I am so amazed this works! Thanks, Wondercide!"

Has Wondercide proven to be the best flea killer for your infestation? Let us know in the comments, and we may featureyour story on our blog or interview you for a full customer spotlight!

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