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Four PAWfect Valentine’s Day Dates with your Dog

Four PAWfect Valentine’s Day Dates with your Dog

Spending time with “that special someone” on Valentine’s Day is admittedly pretty easy when that special someone lives in your house, thinks you’re the greatest human to ever walk the earth and follows you around like, well, a puppy! ?

Whether you’re single, dating, married or engaged, and whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day traditions, every holiday is cause for celebration when you’ve got your four-legged family members by your side. This Valentine’s Day, here are a few ways to spend some quality time with the top dog in your life.

Share a Special Valentine’s Day Treat with Your Wonderpup

From breakfast in bed with your Basset to a candlelit dinner with your Cavalier King Charles, there are plenty of ways you and Fido can share a healthy – and dare we say, romantic – meal this Valentine’s Day. So turn on those smooth tunes (how about some relaxing dog music?), grab your plate – or bowl, and gaze into each other’s eyes until somebody gives in and licks your nose!

It’s true that nothing says “I love you” to a dog quite like some quality food. You can whip up a dog-friendly recipe to eat together (meatballs, anyone?*), or simply enjoy your own cooking while your pup chows down on her own nutritious treats and chews.

Take Your Trusty Pup Out on the Town

If where you live is anything like Wondercide’s hometown of Austin, Texas, there are oodles of places to take your Doodles (and any other dogs, for that matter!) for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

Austin is lucky to have some great murals around town, where you can pose with your pug and profess your love next to outdoor art reading, “I Love You So Much” or “You’re My Butter Half!”

But, if the buildings in your town aren’t emblazoned with romantic inscriptions, never fear! You can still take your pup to a cozy restaurant patio (weather permitting!) or take a leisurely stroll around his favorite park or hiking spot (just don’t forget to spritz him with natural flea prevention!)

Make V-Day a Spa Day

There’s nothing like a little R&R to make Valentine’s Day with your Wonderpup extra special. Plus, you’ll want your dog smelling her best for the endless cuddles this Valentine’s Day will surely bring about. So, pamper your pup with a sudsy scrub in the tub using your pick of luxurious pet shampoo bars, and you do whatever it is that makes you feel indulged! A face mask? A PAWdicure? Exfoliating your elbows? You do you!

Stay in and Cuddle Your Dog All Valentine’s Day!

Yes, #TheSnuggleIsReal. This one is kind of a given, since cuddling with dogs is, of course, the epitome of true love. This V-Day, why not binge-watch Netflix with your best friend on four legs? You could get gushy and watch a rom-com, or stick to some doggone good classics like The Fox & The Hound, Homeward Bound, or Air Bud ?.Whether you watch your pup’s favorite films or your own, the only important thing is that you’re together!

Will you be spending this Valentine’s Day with your dog/s? We’d love to hear what you have planned!

*If your pet has known food allergies or a special diet, consult your veterinarian before feeding new foods. Romantic candlelit dinners with humans not intended to replace your pup’s normal meals.

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