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12 Ways Wondercide Eliminates Conventional Pesticides

There's no way around it: Conventional pesticides SUCK! Besides being carcinogenic, they're linked to asthma, ADHD, cancer and lymphoma,and a multitude of other health concerns. And, they're everywhere. From DEET-based insect repellents used on yourself and your family, to flea and tick spot drops used on your furry friends, and chemical sprays used inside and out, conventional pesticides are looming...

7 Smart Reasons to Stop Using Conventional Pesticides Right Meow

1.They're neurotoxins! If the plethora of warning labels on everything from RoundUp to RAID hasn't set off your internal alarms to stay away from these chemical cocktails, maybe this will hit a nerve: exposure to conventional pesticides can cause vomiting,...

How to Save Over $600 by Choosing Wondercide!

If you've ever had a flea problem, chances are you've invested a fair amount of money in traditional and alternative flea treatments in hopes of ridding your pet, home and yard of these nasty pests. The truth is, only about 1 in 100 fleas are seen by pet owners! 50% of the infestation is in the egg state, 35% in the larvae, 10% in pupae and only 5% of a flea infestation is in the adult, hatched state. This can make eradication difficult and conventional treatments such as flea and tick "spot drops", which have been linked to seizures and other serious health conditions, are put onto your pet's skin and absorbed into his or her blood stream. Fleas must first bite your pet, ingest the pet's blood that now contains the chemicals, and then finally die after the chemicals have attacked their nervous system. The fleas are not repelled by the treatment in any way, so you will continue to have fleas around your pet and you.

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