Find Success with Yard Spray

I'm treating my yard but still seeing pests. Any tips?

Treating thoroughly is vital to ensuring pests like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are completely eliminated. For established pest populations this often means treating your pets, home and yard at the same time to ensure complete elimination. Consider these tips when treating: 


  • Use our Flea & Tick for Pets + Home
  • Treat all pets daily with a light but thorough misting. 
  • To apply to your pet’s face, spray your hands and pet on. 


  • Use either Flea & Tick for Pets + Home or Indoor Pest Control for Home + Kitchen
  • Thoroughly vacuum before you treat
  • Treat the entire home, including flooring, furniture, closets and beds. 
  • Many pests often prefer warm, dark and damp areas. Treat under sinks, in bathrooms, in garages and in laundry areas. 


  • Use Flea & Tick for Yard + Garden or Outdoor Pest Control to treat all yard/outdoor spaces, including decks and patios. 
  • Don’t forget bushes, shrubs, trees or gardens. The more surface area you cover, the more effective the product will be.
  • Do two full treatments within 7-10 days of each other. 
  • After the two initial treatments, continue to spray every 30-45 days to maintain.
  • Re-apply after a heavy rain.

How do I apply my yard spray, and how often?

Follow label instructions for best results. For step-by-step application directions, check out this video.


  • Apply this powerful spray twice within 7-10 days to your outdoor areas (like the lawn and patio) to ensure you’re eliminating whatever pests are present. Start at your home and spray top to bottom. Continue onto the lawn, working your way back to the fence line. Walk at a steady pace and use a sweeping motion, slightly overlapping treated areas. Complete coverage is important, especially in shaded areas. Once control is established, the less frequently you’ll need to apply. To ensure you’re fully treating your pest problem, we recommend using in conjunction with the Flea & Tick Spray for Pets + Home



  • For ongoing control, apply every 30-45 days, or as needed. Higher concentrations and year-round use may enhance results.



I'm treating my yard for mosquitoes. Any additional tips?

The goal with mosquitoes is to reduce their numbers and your exposure to them as much as possible. 

Start by making your yard as unappealing as possible to mosquitoes and reduce their breeding grounds. The single best way to do that: eliminate all standing water and leafy debris from your yard and around your home, such as in your gutters, potted plant saucers, kids toys, etc. Keep your grass cut short and landscaping manicured. Replace water in bird baths every few days, and if you have a pond or pool, ensure the water is kept clean, treated, and filtered properly. 

Next, follow our standard treatment guidelines while keeping these tips in mind:

If you live in an area with heavy mosquito activity, dial up the dilution and frequency of application. Wondercide is safe when used as directed. Our typical recommendation for an active pest issue is to apply 8 oz. of concentrate for each 4,000 square feet you'll cover with the sprayer set to 1 tablespoon. You may find increasing that a bit more to 9-10 oz. of concentrate for each 4,000 square feet does the trick. Flexibility is one of the best things about using our sprays. 

In cases where mosquito activity is high, it’s important to hit your yard a little harder and more often until the pests are gone. Go ahead and treat twice within the same day or twice within two days to deliver a faster double blow. Then treat again a few days later. The worst infestations may require treatment every 2-3 days. As with any pest issue, establishing control is critical to success and depending on the time of year and your specific property factors, persistence may be required. That's true with any product.

Finally, protect yourself with our safe, plant-powered Insect Repellent sprays.

My Ready-to-Use (RTU) bottle doesn't seem to be spraying consistently. What’s wrong?

If you are turning the sprayer all the way to the "ON" position but do not feel like product is being dispensed, there may be something clogging the RTU sprayer top. Here are a few tips to help fix the RTU if there is a clog: 

  • Remove the sprayer top of your RTU by firmly pinching the connecting piece like a safety cap and unscrew. Ensure the straw that draws product out of the bottle is still connected.
  • If the straw is connected, thoroughly rinse it and the sprayer top with warm water. You can let it set for 5-10 minutes in the water as an added measure.
  • Add a small amount of warm water back into the RTU bottle (not much, about 1/2 a cup will do) and reattach the sprayer to the bottle.
  • Shake well and attach back to the hose.

Tried these tips and still need additional help? Contact us at hello@wondercide or 877-896-7426

There's a tab preventing me from changing the settings on the my Ready-to-Use (RTU) spray. How do I fix this?

The white tab (located in front of the "WATER" setting) on the RTU is there to help prevent the settings from changing accidentally while you are treating.

 To change the RTU to the "ON" position, use your thumb to push the tab inward until it is no longer blocking the switch. Turn the switch until it is all the way in the "ON" position to begin dispensing product. Remember to push the tab inward each time you change settings.

How much product do I need?

These recommendations are for the Concentrate. Results vary based on usage. 


16oz concentrate treats up to 8,000 sq ft. (or up to .18 acres)

32oz concentrate treats up to 16,000 sq ft. (or up to .37 acres)

1 Gallon concentrate treats up to 64,000 sq ft. (or up to 1.5 acres)

5 Gallon concentrate treats up to 320,000 sq ft. (or up to 7.35 acres)




6oz concentrate treats up to 10,500 sq ft.(or up to .25 acres)

32oz concentrate treats up to 21,000 sq ft. (or up to .5 acres)

1 Gallon concentrate treats 84,000 sq ft. (or up to 2 acres)

5 Gallon concentrate treats up to 420,000 sq ft. (or up to 9.65 acres)